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Picking the Right Medical Marijuana Clinic

Who can you trust?

Posted By: Dr. Singh

In the past year, the medical marijuana industry has skyrocketed in not only publicity, but in licenced producers and clinics. Since the MMPR introduced new regulations April 1st, 2014, the sector has exploded with interest and investments into the industry.

With this new wave, however, comes precautions.

Many see this industry as a “get rich quick” scheme taking advantage of vulnerable patrons who just desperately want a solution to their pain and suffering.

With it being such a new industry, as a physician, how do you know which medical marijuana practitioners to trust to treat your patients? And as an individual looking for relief, how do you know the clinic you’re at has your well-being in their first frame of mind?

1. Different Strokes for Different Folks 

…or should we say “different strains for different gains”. With a wide range of strains of medical marijuana, each is specifically designed to generate different effects to relief various symptoms. Understanding exactly how these chemicals come together can be beneficial in finding the relief that suits your ailment most effectively.

For example, strains with a higher THC content have shown to reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, and induce an easier sleep process for those with insomnia. High CBD strains have proven in some cases to reduce epileptic episodes, ease anxiety, and relieve some types of inflammation.

Your MJ doctor should be able to examine your specific case and what you require in order to improve your overall quality of life.

This step is crucial in deciding if medical marijuana will be beneficial to you. A trusted doctor will prescribe you the best strain possible relating to your precise condition, and should have no problem answering any questions you may have regarding it.

2. Dosing: “start low, go slow”

A responsible doctor will never prescribe a large dose at one time before making observations on how you personally react to the product, and if it alleviates what it’s intended too. A low THC strain should be administered initially, and if need be, increase in percentage overtime.

THC has shown in some studies to increase anxiety and spark psychosis in those with a history of mental illness, therefore it’s not recommended to prescribe a high THC strain right off the bat before examining the presence of any potentially negative side effects on yourself personally.

3. Seeing a Specialist

What qualifications does the doctor in question have in their possession? In regards to medical marijuana, it’s important to note how practiced the physician is. Doctors that double as specialists, such as pain specialists or psychiatrists, are well rehearsed in this particular field, and will be able to administer you the best care possible and address any concerns you may have.

4. Determine Credibility

Try and find a clinic that offers support/education and is alongside an ethically approved research study. A full assessment should be conducted before prescribing to assess the patient for any history of drug abuse or the onset of any disorders relating to psychosis. The doctor should then follow up to see how the drug is affecting you and if it is indeed the right treatment for your specific ailment. This indicates credibility over a clinic that just aimlessly prescribes without assessing your current/future quality of life, or if you’re even using the product properly.

It’s important to research which clinic may be best suited for you. Trialing a new drug can be uneasy and you may feel hesitant, but dealing with the right doctor that puts your needs first will make your experience in finding a solution to your pain gratifying and worthwhile.

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