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Medical vs. Recreational

What’s the difference?

Posted By: Dr. Singh

Marijuana is ranked by the WHO as the most popular recreational drug worldwide. Alongside this title has developed a negative stigma about the safety of the drug. Unfortunately, with it being such a largely distributed street drug, altering and lacing have made the overall safety of marijuana ambiguous.

What some may not fully understand is just how different recreational marijuana is as opposed to specially formulated, controlled cannabis; but what are some of the main focal points that need to be touched on?

1. Marijuana was originally a medicine

The earliest records of marijuana usage derived from ancient Chinese and Indian medical texts were devoted to its healing properties, as opposed to its recreational counterpart. Most commonly, its therapeutic support in regards to pain management was its paramount use, the same method of treatment it is most popularly used for today.

2. Not all marijuana gets you “high” 

THC is a chemical found in marijuana that is responsible for the recreational sensation most desire. It is responsible for feelings of euphoria, relaxation, appetite and can alter your perceptions on anything from your senses to thoughts. THC is also the main compound that induces anxiety and bits of paranoia in some individuals. The fact of the matter is, marijuana contains hundreds of chemicals all ranging with different benefits and properties that affect each individual in their own ways. With street marijuana, a higher THC is typically saught for, and too much can start to negatively affect a person, especially if the consumer is at the age before their brain is fully developed.

3. In fact, some won’t get you high at all 

Arguably the most beneficial chemical in marijuana is CBD. CBD is the main property responsible for many of the healing benefits found in medical marijuana. Studies have shown CBD to be a method of treatment for dealing with schizophrenia and epileptic episodes, as well as reduce inflammatory conditions in those with chronic pain. Carefully constructed and vigilantly grown cannabis cultivators can manipulate the levels of THC and CBD found to produce and modify a variety of strains based on patients’ precise needs.

4. Recreational use tends to be linked to bigger issues

 Self-medicating to overlook or avoid personal issues using any type of drug can lead to or be an indicator of addictive tendencies or serve as a gateway to stronger medication once the drug in question has been exhausted. When picking up any drug off the streets, you can never be sure exactly what you’re paying for. Chances are, the dealer themselves don’t even have the full background of the batch they’ve picked up. Substance abuse can be linked to underlying, personal issues the person may not even be aware of. The negative stigma placed upon marijuana leads people to keep their recreational use to themselves, therefore revealing to and avoiding the advice of a doctor that may be able to offer a more constructive option to aid them in their difficulties.

 Medical marijuana is a safe, natural alternative to many harmful and destructive opiates and drugs out there today. If you need relief and feel that marijuana may be an effective option for you, don’t let the fear of discussing it with your doctor lead you to dealing with unidentified and potentially dangerous alternatives.

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