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Consumption of Medical Cannabis – By Michael Blais, CD

I am fortunate. As a disabled Canadian veteran, the Government of Canada supports the expense of my medical cannabis prescription which I obtained through the help of the doctors, pain specialists, and support staff at Apollo Cannabis Clinics. Medical cannabis costs, due in part to the government’s intransigence in rendering it an affordable medication, can be truly cost prohibitive.  But what are the alternatives? A life doomed to the inevitable adverse consequences of prolonged use of opiates or highly addictive antipsychotic drugs in respect to the inevitable mental duress most disabled Canadians experience at one point of time in their…


Welcome Canadian Veteran:
Michael “Blazer” Blais

Greetings from Niagara Falls, Ontario. My name is Michael Blais. My father’s heritage was French, but I was born and raised in an Anglophone Niagara Falls prior to the conception of official bilingualism. Pronounced in English, my last name is Blaze, as in fire. Perhaps it might not surprise you that I was tagged with the nickname of Blazer at an early age.  The “Blazer” references to cannabis are not obscure! Blazing one with Blazer… snicker. I was introduced to cannabis as a teenager working at a museum in Niagara Falls during the “groovy” seventies. I was a monster, my…


A Day in the Life of: A Manager at Apollo

Author: Sourena Saneei, Clinic Manager  “The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea…will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.” – Earl Nightingale My day starts when I first arrive at the clinic with a brief huddle with the Reception, Triage and Patient Care Specialist teams to recap the previous day’s experiences and to discuss our approach for the upcoming day. This quick chat allows us all to ensure, as a team, that our patients will be met with a seamless experience from start to finish.  Well, I’ll be honest, my…


A Day in the Life of: Insomnia & Cannabis

Author: Mark  Sleep. My best friend and enemy at the same time. Around 16 years old, I developed a habit of staying up late where I could do what I wanted without interruption, whether it was making music, playing video games, or reading books. Once University came around, I would purposefully look to schedule all of my classes in the afternoon, knowing I had become a nighthawk. I had worked my way through school, and found a job that worked with my schedule at a hotel doing banquets. The shifts were from 5pm to around 3am, and I decided to…


Vaporizing vs. Smoking Cannabis: Which one is Healthier?

The two most popular methods for cannabis consumption are smoking and vaporizing, although there are many other options for consumption including edibles oils, capsules, and decarboxylated flowers taken orally. Vaporizing is rapidly gaining popularity as it does not burn cannabis and therefore does not produce as many harmful by-products. Vaporizing is also more discreet than smoking cannabis. Some describe the smell of vaporized cannabis as ‘burnt popcorn’.  Many medical cannabis users are turning to vaporizing as it is considered a healthier alternative to smoking and is the most doctor recommended method for consuming dried cannabis. What is Vaporizing? Vaporizing, or…


Medical VS Recreational Cannabis: What’s the Difference?

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis in Canada Under The Cannabis Act, both medical and recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada and millions of Canadians are taking advantage of this new freedom within the country. This new emergence of legal cannabis has some Canadians wondering what the difference is between medical and recreational cannabis, making it a popular topic of conversation within and external to the cannabis community. Worth noting, when examining the question of the differences between medical and recreational cannabis, it is important to acknowledge that consumption, and the intended effects of use, comes down to the intent and…



Are you Interested in Growing Your own Medical Cannabis? Apollo can Help! Apollo helps patients apply for a personal production license with Health Canada, so you are legally allowed to grow a certain amount of cannabis plants for your own personal medical use. In order to legally grow medical cannabis in Canada, you must: Be over the age of 18 Have no prior cannabis convictions Be prescribed medical cannabis by a physician Fill out and submit an application to Health Canada, along with the original medical document ( prescription ) Apollo helps patients every step of the way to ensure you are successful in…


Cannabis & Legalization: 5 Reasons to Have a Prescription vs Self-medicating

Medical Cannabis has been legal since 2001, and since October 17th, 2018, recreational cannabis is now available for Canadians. Even with recreational cannabis being legalized, there are still numerous benefits to being prescribed medical cannabis through a healthcare practitioner and getting your medical marijuana license in Ontario, as opposed to self-medicating with recreationally purchased cannabis. In this post, we outline 5 reasons why you’ll still want a medical marijuana prescription, and the care and support that comes along with being a medical cannabis patient through a cannabis clinic. Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana Medical marijuana is marijuana that is prescribed by…


Cannabis and Exercise

Exercise, Apollo Cannabis Clinic, Medical Cannabis

Cannabis and exercise can be each used in their own ways to manage common everyday symptoms such as stress anxiety, pain, inflammation from arthritis and relaxing the mind and uplifting mood. Cannabis and exercise are also a powerful combination for those wanting to reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. When used in conjunction, cannabis and exercise may have a more powerful effect. Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before combining medical cannabis & exercise  Many people with past injuries or arthritis turn to cannabis during exercise to help them manage pain and inflammation. Cannabis may allow an…


4 Herbs That Improve Your Health and Happiness

Many people tend to underestimate the almost magical-like powers of various herbs on both your health and happiness levels. When people aren’t feeling well, whether physically or mentally, they tend to consult their doctor first and foremost. While traditional medicine certainly has its place, it does not always produce the kind of results you want. Traditional medicine is also known to produce a wide variety of side effects and can cause additional problems. This is not to say that traditional medicine should be avoided; on the contrary, traditional medicine is highly important and you should always consult your doctor first….