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Interested in getting your medical marijuana prescription in the North York area but not sure where to start? Apollo is here to help.


Even with the recent cannabis legalization on October 17, 2018, there are many benefits to obtaining a medical cannabis recommendation online. Medical patients have access to cannabis products that are not available to the general public and are tailored to individualized needs.

Additionally, medical patients are allowed to consume cannabis in public spaces, whereas recreational cannabis consumption depends on individual municipal bylaws. It also allows patients to grow more than the allotted 4 cannabis plants once the application for growing has been approved.

Medical patients through Apollo Cannabis Clinics also have access to patient educators who will assist with education, dosing schedules and an individualized treatment plan.

Getting a Medical Recommendation in North York

The North York Apollo Cannabis Clinic is one of our three physical locations. It is located at 240 Duncan Mills Road, Unit 201, and is open five days per week. The North York Location was Apollo Cannabis Clinic’s flagship location and also contains our company headquarters and research division.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic in North York functions the same as a family doctor’s office. Patients will meet face to face with a doctor who will determine how medical cannabis may assist them. The initial appointment typically takes 1-2 hours and includes a thorough medical history. During the appointment you will discuss your need for medical cannabis, the symptoms you are trying to manage and your usage history. Be prepared to be open and honest with your doctor about what has helped you up to this point.

The Apollo doctor will work with you to determine appropriate dosage and daily consumption that are specific to your individual needs. After the recommendation is written, patients meet with one of Apollo’s patient educators to further understand how cannabis should be used in order to manage symptoms.

Our North York location has elevators and is accessible to all patients.

Why Choose Apollo Cannabis Clinic?

Apollo Cannabis Clinic is an evidenced based clinic who has been conducting observational research on medical cannabis and conditions since 2014. We staff over 10 prescribing health care professionals and assist patients of all ages, including children.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic offers a 7 day a week support line for patients who require assistance. Each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan and access to a variety of specialists including sleep specialists, family doctors, pediatric doctors, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic requires each patient to present a valid OHIP card, although the appointment, education sessions and ongoing care are free. Patient’s do not require a referral to utilize Apollo’s services, no matter where they are located.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic in North York is unique in that we see patients face-to-face rather than over a secure Digital Patient Network. Our clinic operates the same way a family doctor would operate.

How Do I Buy Medical Cannabis in North York?

Once a patient has received a recommendation for medical cannabis, they must register with one, or several Licensed Producers (LP’s). A Licensed Producer is not accessible to the general public and only services licensed medical patients.

All orders through LP’s are completed online and shipped directly to the patient’s residence. All products are labelled with THC and CBD content and include the patient’s name and daily dosage information. This labelling system is unique to medical patients in order to assist them in using their medication properly.

A medical doctor is required to provide a valid recommendation for medical cannabis, including daily dosing information, to each LP before a patient may utilize its services and purchase medical cannabis.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

The biggest difference in medical versus recreational cannabis is the product availability. Licensed Producers are able to offer products that are not yet available in the recreational market. These products include tinctures, oils, CBD products and decarboxylated flowers. Medical patients may also have access to flowers with higher concentrations of THC or conversely, CBD.

In Ontario, recreational cannabis may be consumed anywhere tobacco is permitted such as parks, outdoor venues, designated smoking areas, bars and public spaces. Contrary to provincial law, many municipalities are combatting public consumption by instituting laws that designate recreational cannabis consumption to private residences.

As a medical patient you have the right to consume cannabis wherever tobacco is permitted, regardless of municipal consumption laws. This allows medical users far more leeway when it comes to public consumption.

About North York

North York is former city in Toronto, Ontario which was incorporated into Metropolitan Toronto in 1954. It boasts a diverse population, with 73% of inhabitants not having been born in Canada.

North York is a desirable location as it is in close proximity to Old Toronto. It also is the site of York University as well as several other educational institutions.

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