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Interested in getting your medical marijuana prescription in Northwest Territories, but not sure where to start? Apollo is here to help.


With 10,000+ patients served in Canada, Apollo has proven why we are the recent recipients of the Top Clinic (East) award from the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards. Our goal from the start is to help Canadian residents increase their quality of life using Medical Cannabis.

If you live in the NWT with limited access to a physical clinic, we are proud to offer you Apollo’s ‘at home’ video consultations, which are secure and convenient.

We have treated patients from all walks of life, with thousands of unique conditions, providing personalized treatment plans to ensure that our patients are getting the most of out their Medical Cannabis prescription. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, job-induced repetitive stress injuries or stress, Apollo is here to help with in depth education sessions, assessment of your conditions, and treatment plans to help you get relief.

We can assist patients at all levels of Cannabis knowledge; whether you’re completely new, and experienced user, or just want information about what steps to take, Apollo’s Medical Cannabis experts have vast knowledge on the subject. Some of the conditions that we have treated in the past include:


In Canada, Medical Cannabis is governed by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). This legislation is Canada-wide, meaning that every province abides by the same rules. After you have your appointment with one of our qualified and knowledgeable Healthcare Practitioners, our team will help you register with your chosen Licensed Producer and order from them online or on the phone! 

We make sure you are given a comprehensive education session with a suggested personalized treatment plan so there is no guessing when you get your medicine.

Why Choose Apollo Cannabis Clinics?

Apollo is the leading clinic for Medical Cannabis prescriptions and a leader in Medical Cannabis research. 

Personalized Care

We have made it our goal to help patients suffering from a variety of conditions get the medicine they need to improve their quality of life. We have hundreds of positive patient testimonials from their personalized treatment plans and our one on one education sessions.

Education Sessions

Our extensive team of Medical Cannabis experts are dedicated to ensuring that our patients leave their Apollo appointment with a full understanding of their new prescription and medical devices.

About Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories is Canada’s 2nd largest territory by size, and most populous territory in Canada with 44,000 residents. The history of Northwest Territories is unique, where it used to be the biggest territory by area until it was split into 2 territories in 1999, creating Nunavut.

Additionally, in 1905 parts of the original Northwest Territories were split off to create parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The capital city of Northwest Territories is Yellowknife, where about 40% or 19,000 of their population lives. Northwest Territories has a large population of First Nations people, which are about 37% of the total population.

They are one of Canada’s biggest exporters of natural resources, including gold and diamonds. In fact, many people promote diamonds from Northwest Territories as an alternative to diamonds from Africa because they are easier to track from mine to sale. It’s temperature is more moderate compared to its neighbours because of its unique landscape of forest and tundra.

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