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Why Choose Apollo?

Apollo Cannabis Clinics specializes in prescribing medical cannabis for patients in need across Canada. Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of care and an improved quality of life through access to medical cannabis. We have helped thousands of Canadians on their journey to personal wellness. No matter where you live in Canada, no doctor’s referral is required and our services are free of charge, including your personalized medical consultation, prescription, and treatment plan with access to complimentary ongoing care seven days a week through our patient support centre. Apollo’s clinical team is comprised of physicians, healthcare practitioners and support staff who share the goal of helping Canadians manage their symptoms safely and effectively.

No Referral Needed

We work with patients both with and without a referral from their doctor to ensure every citizen has fair access to medical cannabis.

Free of Charge

Apollo believes in affordable and accessible medicine. We do not charge for our appointments, education, or on-going patient support.


Our full range of services are available from anywhere in
Canada through our online clinic Apollo@Home. It’s never been more convenient or more discrete.

Support 7 Days A Week

Our patient support team takes pride in making a difference in patients’ lives. Our phone lines are open 7 days a week – we are here to help.

How Does It Work?

Accessing medical cannabis is easy with our 4-step process:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Apollo Cannabis Clinic or medical cannabis?
Find everything you need to know about legally purchasing and using medical cannabis in Canada below.

What is a medical cannabis clinic?

A medical cannabis clinic is a specialized doctor’s office that focuses on treating patients using medical cannabis. Not all cannabis clinics offer the same level of expertise and service so we recommend that you consider carefully before selecting a clinic that’s right for you.
Legal stores that are currently selling cannabis are not permitted to provide medical advice and lack the medical expertise to suggest products based on medical conditions.

How much does it cost to be seen at Apollo?

Apollo believes in affordable and accessible medicine, as such, we do not charge for our appointments. If you live in Ontario, your consultation with the Physician is free as it is covered by OHIP. We also offer a FREE secure video appointment for patients across Canada.

Am I a candidate for medical cannabis?

The majority of our patients suffer from pain, anxiety, and/or sleep issues, and traditional medications and therapies have been ineffective for them. If you are experiencing a condition or symptoms that are impacting your quality of life, whether you are cannabis naive or have been self-medicating for many years, please contact us to learn more about how medical cannabis may help you.

What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis is a medicine from the cannabis plant, and comes in many different forms and strains. There are two main components in the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which both belong to a class of compounds called cannabinoids.

CBD has neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve pain, but does not make people feel “high”. Many people report great pain relief from strains of medical cannabis that are rich in CBD. THC also has some pain-relieving effects, but believed to cause many of the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Apollo will help you choose medical cannabis products best for your individual needs.

How does medical cannabis work?

The compounds in medical cannabis act on receptors in our body found in the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for maintaining homeostasis, and regulating different processes in the body, such as: mood, pain, hunger and many others.

How much does medical cannabis cost?

The cost of medical cannabis varies from strain-to-strain, and product-to-product and is determined by the licensed producers who grow the medical cannabis for Canadians. We understand that medical cannabis is usually not covered and can be an added expense for patients. This is why we will work with you one-on-one to find strains and products that match both your health-care, and also your budgetary needs. We can also help you apply for compassionate pricing programs, which can provide a discount on your medical cannabis.

What if my physician won't refer me to Apollo?

You DO NOT need a referral to be seen at Apollo. If your physician is not comfortable with medical cannabis, please contact us – we are here to help and are committed to being as accessible as possible for patients. Apollo is currently accepting patients without referrals.

Do I have to get high to use medical cannabis?

Definitely not.
Different strains have different compounds that will have different effects and side effects. The key to reducing euphoria is THC. Apollo will personalize a treatment plan specifically for you to address your medical needs and concerns.

How will I receive my medication?

Your medication will be shipped to you directly from a licensed producer. It can be ordered online, or over the phone, and is mailed right to your front door, by Canada Post or Purolator.

Is it a pill?

Medical cannabis patients now have a few main options for administering their medicine:
– Dried Cannabis, which should be vaporized and inhaled.
– Edible Oils, which are placed under the tongue then swallowed.
– Oil Capsules, which are swallowed like a regular pill.
– Pre-filled Vaporizers
– Baked Edibles (Ex. Chocolate)

Each method can affect the body differently and an Apollo patient educator will work with you to choose a method, or combination of methods best for you and your condition.

What happens after my first appointment?

We understand that patients may have some concerns after being prescribed Medical Cannabis. We will provide you with an educational session on your initial visit, and will work to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will register you with a Health Canada approved licensed producer, and can even help you place your first order for medical cannabis.

How do I book an appointment?

Click on any of the “Book Appointment” buttons on the website to complete a consultation form. Or give us a call toll free at 1(877)-560-9195 if you prefer to speak to someone on the phone.