Why choose Apollo for Continuing Care support?

  • Convenient and flexible appointments available
  • See your Healthcare Practitioners from the comfort of your facility
  • Appointments & follow up care free of charge
  • Professional, trusted & compassionate staff
  • Ongoing support available 7-days/week
  • Individualized treatment plans to suit each patient
  • 2x Award Winning Clinic
  • Evidence-based care – conducting REB approved research since 2013

Apollo makes accessing medical cannabis easy.

How our process works:


Fill out the appropriate appointment request form based on whether you are a patient or caregiver.


Fax (866-821-0777) or email info@apolloresearch.ca the request form to Apollo.


Apollo will contact the patient or caregiver directly to set up a convenient video appointment. There are no fees for our services.


The patient or caregiver will consult with an Apollo healthcare professional to determine eligibility for medical cannabis.


If prescribed, the patient or caregiver will speak with a compassionate patient care specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan.


Apollo will assist the patient or caregiver with dosing instructions, strain selection and ordering as needed.

Contact Our Continuing Care Team

If you have any questions or need help, please call us toll free at 1-(877)-560-9195 (x. 800) or fill out the form above.