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Cannabis Doctor Canada

The experts in any of our Toronto cannabis clinics can help you manage various symptoms and conditions.

With or without a doctor’s referral, cannabis may be prescribed if you are suffering from relevant symptoms or conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, PTSD, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines & headaches, epilepsy, spinal injuries, and more.

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Medical Cannabis in Toronto

Apollo Cannabis Clinics in Toronto

Apollo Cannabis Clinic three physical clinics in Toronto for the city’s 2.93 million residents as well as surrounding communities all over Ontario. The three clinics are located in Yorkville, Etobicoke, and downtown Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton.

How Do I Get Medical Cannabis In Toronto?

Apollo’s services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and accessible to all residents of the province, providing convenience and accessibility to remote areas. If an individual cannot attend an appointment at one of Apollo’s office locations, services will be provided through a secure video network from the comfort of home. 

There is no referral required for patients who are seeking a medical marijuana recommendation in Toronto. In order to begin the process visit Apollo Cannabis Clinic and fill out the contact form. Once completed an Apollo Cannabis Clinic representative will be in contact to schedule an initial appointment. 

The Apollo doctor will make a medical marijuana recommendation which includes daily dosing and specific products that will benefit the user. Once the recommendation has been made individuals will register with one, or several, Licensed Producers (LPs) of their choosing. 

A Licensed Producer is a cannabis company who is registered to sell medical cannabis to medical cannabis users and does not offer recreational cannabis that is available to the public. All medical marijuana prescription fulfillments are completed online, through an LP, and will be shipped directly to the individual’s doorstep.

How Do I Get CBD Oil In Toronto?

CBD offers a unique alternative to traditional cannabis-based therapies as it is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid which has the potential to act on a number of symptoms including pain, inflammation, mood, and anxiety. Visit an Apollo Medical Marijuana Clinic in Toronto to set up an appointment with an Apollo Doctor to determine whether CBD is right for you.

CBD oil that you receive medically is a different product than Hemp CBD oil found in stores. Learn more about it here.

Why Choose Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis users have more leeway when it comes to where cannabis may be consumed. Medical users are allowed to consume cannabis anywhere tobacco is permitted, as opposed to recreational cannabis users who must consume the product in a private residence in some municipalities. It should be noted that in the city of Toronto cannabis is not allowed on public beaches, at parks or near schools or daycare centers. Medical cannabis users may also possess a higher amount of cannabis, based on their medical recommendation, and are allowed to carry tinctures, edibles and CBD products. 

Medical cannabis users may register to grow their own medicine or designate someone to grow it on their behalf and may be able to produce more than four plants based on their daily medical recommendation. This is contrary to recreational users who are only permitted to grow four plants per household.

Medical users also have a greater selection of cannabis products to choose from. Licensed Producers offer products that are not available on the recreational market, such as CBD oil, tinctures and decarboxylated flowers. Licensed Producers will also be able to guide patients towards appropriate products for their medical needs.

Finally, all medical cannabis purchases are tax deductible as a medical expense.

Toronto Cannabis Laws

Provincial laws in Ontario dictate that recreational cannabis may be consumed in designated smoking areas, however many municipalities have tightened consumption laws and only allow cannabis to be smoked in private areas. Medical marijuana may be consumed anywhere smoking tobacco is permitted, regardless of stricter municipal consumption laws. Toronto has legislation in the works to promote a “Smoke Free Ontario” which would make smoking tobacco, vaping, and cannabis consumption illegal in all public spaces, except for designated areas. This legislation would include restrictions on medical cannabis users. 

Additionally, provincial laws allow recreational cannabis users to grow four plants per household, however medical cannabis users may register to grow more plants based on their medical cannabis recommendation.

About Toronto

Toronto is a sprawling cosmopolitan city located along the shores of Lake Ontario. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and has the largest population density in the province. Toronto is famous for its sports teams as well as soaring skyscrapers, including the CN Tower.

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