At Apollo, we are here to help you and provide you with a personalized treatment plan. 

Many different types of options of consumption are available in the medical market and depending on your medical condition, dosing plan, and needed cannabinoids, you may find yourself using and trying various products.


There are 3 primary methods of consumption: inhalation, ingestion or topical application. Each of these methods has a different time of action or benefits. We can combine more than one methods depending on what type of relief we are seeking.

Inhalation is a popular method of consumption because it is a short time of action for immediate relief of the symptoms. Its time of action is from 1 to 15 minutes and generally lasts from 4-6 hours. It is often used to manage acute pain, PTSD,  and other symptoms that need immediate relief. It is recommended to use a vaporizer for a healthier inhalation instead of smoking. 

Ingestion is recommended when we are seeking a long action and prevention of acute symptoms treatment. The time of action can be 30 minutes to 2 hours and can last up to 8-12 hours. It is often used to manage and prevent expected symptoms of different medical conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety and much more. Different products are available such as cannabis oil, softgels, edibles and dissolvable powder. 

Topical application treatments are popular for those with skin-related issues, inflammation, and joint pain. The compound ingredients found in the topical are absorbed by the skin. For example, a topical cream can be effective for regions in close proximity to joints like your wrists and hands.

consumption-methods-img-2 You have different options available when it comes to vaporizers. If you want a portable or a tabletop vaporizer, the options are here. Some vaporizers also offer the option to be used with dry flowers or also concentrate. You will be able to adjust your temperature of combustion for optimal extraction of your terpenes, CBD and THC. It is known to be a healthier alternative to smoking as it has fewer carcinogens.


One of the pros of using medical cannabis is the ever-growing variety of products available. These options allow patients a choice when managing various symptoms or are looking for different rate of action and methods of absorption. In addition to the different products mentioned previously, there are also:

-sub-lingual strips
-Isolate powder
-Cannabis Tea
-Cartridge/Vape pen
-Balm and lotion
-Different types of concentrates

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