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Why Apollo?

Personalized Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

Ongoing Care 7 Days

Ongoing Care
7 Days-a-Week


Wide Range
of Specialists


Free of Charge

Home delivery


Tax Deductible Treatment

Tax Deductible

Personalized Treatment Plan


Treatment Plan

Ongoing Care 7 Days

Ongoing Care

7 Days-a-Week


No Referrals



Free of


Home delivery



Tax Deductible Treatment

Tax Deductible


Who Is Apollo?

Apollo Cannabis Clinics has specialized in prescribing medical cannabis to patients across Canada since 2014. As an evidence-based clinic, Apollo has provided over 120,000 patients with the highest level of care and improved quality of life through access to medical cannabis prescriptions, personalized education and treatment plans, and ongoing support 7 days per week. Apollo’s clinical team, comprised of physicians, healthcare practitioners, and support team share the goal of helping Canadians manage their symptoms safely and effectively.

How Does It Work?

Accessing medical cannabis is simple with our 3-step process:

Step 1

Book Your Appointment

  • Call or submit a form
  • Referrals preferred
Toronto Medical Marijuana

Step 2

Have Your Video / In-Person Appointment

  • Consult with an Apollo Healthcare Practitioner
  • Receive education and treatment plan
Medical Marijuana Clinic

Step 3

Medication Delivered To You

  • Prescription fulfillment
  • Follow your treatment plan
  • Receive ongoing support

Am I Eligible?

If you experience one or more of the following conditions you may be eligible to receive medical cannabis. Conditions include, but are not limited to:

To see all qualifying conditions, click here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Apollo or medical cannabis?
Find everything you need to know about being a medical cannabis patient below.

How do I book a free appointment?

Here are a few easy ways to set up an appointment across Canada.
1.) Call toll-free at 1 (877) 560-9195
2.) Complete this form
3.) Email us at booking@apolloresearch.ca

Am I a candidate for medical cannabis?

Apollo patients may suffer from pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and many other conditions treated at the clinic. If you and your quality of life are being impacted by your condition or symptoms, Apollo is here to help whether you are cannabis naïve or have been self-medicating for years. Please contact us to learn more about how medical cannabis may help you.

Is there a clinic near me?

Appointments are safely conducted virtually (secure video call) across Canada. If you live in the greater Toronto area (GTA), we also have two in-person clinics ready to serve you in Etobicoke and Yorkville.

Click here to schedule your free appointment.

What formats or options do I have when purchasing my medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis patients have a variety of products to choose from for their treatment plan, such as softgels, oils, flower, gummies, chocolate, beverages, vaporizer cartridges, pre-rolls, and topicals, with more items coming to the market.
Learn more about your options here!

Where can I buy a vaporizer?

Apollo sells a variety of great quality vaporizers including two units authorized by Health Canada as a medical device. Apollo’s educators can help you choose a vaporizer best suits your needs and budget. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a vaporizer, please send us an email to support@apolloresearch.ca or call 1-877-560-9195.

What is CBD Oil? Does Apollo sell it?

CBD oil contains the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plant and then placed into a carrier oil, such as MCT or coconut oil. CBD oil can be obtained through Health Canada approved licensed producers with your medical cannabis prescription. Learn more about CBD oil.

Apollo's Patient Reviews

Apollo clinic is one of the best clinics for medical cannabis as they are so incredibly kind and compassionate. I have been with them for almost a year, and they really helped me manage my chronic illnesses . I am so thankful for all their help these last few months. They really take the time to listen and help you find the right course of treatment. They always follow through with appointments, and call backs were very quick in response time. I have nothing but positive comments to say about this clinic. To add, all my appointments are virtual, and the service they use is easy to navigate.

Ashley S.2022-03-26

Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate staff. The added bonus is they all seem to really enjoy their jobs and have a great sense of humour. I'd highly recommend this clinic.

Brenda D.2021-02-03

Excellent care and knowledgeable staff assist with you on your healing journey.

Tina B.2021-09-20

I was apprehensive about using the CBD oil at the beginning. Doctors at the clinic were very patient and knowledgeable and I always received great service from the supporting team and educators. I highly recommend them.

Ernestina B.2021-02-23

Cbd oil has improved the quality of my life significantly. Thanks to my doctors, I got the right type and dosage of cbd products, and my frequent nightmares, and severe anxiety has vanished from my life. All of the Apollo clinic staff are so helpful and professional, and very responsive, even during covid and with remote appointments. Thank you all, I owe my great night sleep and daily peace of mind to you.

Elika Z.2022-01-08

I am new to cannabis therapy but the registration, the Doctor were all very easy to talk to and give advice. I will definitely tell my friends and relatives about Apollo.

Angie S.2021-02-09

Great customer service! Very informative and detailed in providing information. Friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Natasha K.2021-01-20

I contacted them yesterday afternoon and have already spoken with a doctor and an educator to explain everything. I have two pharmacies that I can choose products from and follow up appointments already made.- I am very impressed.

Rosalene O.2022-04-09

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