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About Apollo Cannabis Clinic

We are a Medical Cannabis Research Organization and Cannabis Clinic who Prescribes to Those in Need, Canada-wide!

Apollo is composed of two divisions.

What we Offer at Apollo

 Apollo Cannabis Clinics:

Offer an evidence-based approach to treating conditions and symptoms using medical cannabis. A big part of our approach includes ongoing education, support, and monitoring for all of our patients. Apollo’s clinical team is comprised of physicians, healthcare practitioners and support staff who share the goal of helping Canadians reduce chronic pain and manage other symptoms safely and effectively with Medical Cannabis.

Apollo Applied Research:

Conducts clinical research trials in the fields of chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD. We manage all aspects of study conduct, patient recruitment, ethical approvals, site monitoring, training (GCP & Protocol), and more. We are currently leading one of Canada’s largest medical cannabis studies on PTSD.

Our Story

In 2013, Apollo was nothing more than a concept, fueled by Founder and President, Bryan Hendin’s intense passion to clinically prove the anecdotal evidence of patients who told him cannabis worked for their pain.

The original research study goal was to enroll 100 participants.

To date Apollo has over 10,000 active patients.

Apollo owns two studies published in peer-reviewed journals on sleep and chronic pain, with a third ongoing study on PTSD, one of the largest of its kind in Canada.

Why Apollo?

Apollo started and continues to be a passion project, motivated by listening to and empowering patients in their healthcare choices to retain a higher quality of life.

Apollo is a philanthropic organization dedicated to utilizing evidence-based research to continuously validate patient treatment recommendations, share those results with the world, and ultimately change norms in the healthcare community.

Our Values

Empowering you to be part of the solution.

Dedicated to people and their potential.

Creating a space where professionalism meets care and comfort.

Honest, knowledgeable and passionate education.



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