Patient-Focused Clinical Studies

Apollo’s leadership in medical cannabis research is what puts us in a category all our own. Our process was designed with the help of scientists, doctors, and PhDs. We currently have a team of researchers on staff and over a dozen physicians who review our findings and actively support our studies. Our continuing research helps us better evaluate the benefits of medical cannabis and allows us to discover the best strains and treatment plans for each condition and each patient.

Chronic Pain

Apollo Applied Research (Apollo Cannabis Clinics) has been conducting medical cannabis research since 2013. With their published peer-reviewed chronic pain research study, Apollo’s patients have validated that medical cannabis can help manage chronic pain, can improve mental health, and may assist with reducing opioids in pain management. 

Apollo’s patients reported a 43% reduction in the interference of pain with their daily activities and a 37% reduction in the severity of their pain

Those who disclosed opioid medication use at baseline reported a clinically significant 95% reduction in oral morphine equivalent doses, as well as a 30% reduction in their pain and 40% reduction in the severity of their pain. 

Three months after initiating the medical cannabis treatment, patients reported significant improvements in physical and mental health with decreases in headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea.

The findings of this study add to the cumulative evidence in support of plant-based medical cannabis as a safe and effective treatment option and potential opioid medication substitute or augmentation therapy for the management of symptoms and quality of life in chronic pain patients.

See the published abstract of the study here.

Cannabis & Driving

“One of the most advanced tests for cannabis impairment is being developed in Toronto”

 Apollo Applied Research (Apollo Cannabis Clinics) is excited to announce the completion of phase one of a new research study that is intended to help improve police officers’ screening methods of cannabis related impairment at roadside. Apollo conducted the study with the University Health Network, funded by the Provincial Government to detect roadside safety using a tablet-based screening tool.
Read more here about the technology, research, and collaborations used to create safer roads for everyone.

PTSD Treatment

Veterans, military personnel, and first responders often struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are common medical marijuana candidates. Medical cannabis, along with counseling and medication, are all viable and effective means of treating PTSD.

Apollo is currently working on a Canada-wide prospective observational study of medical cannabis for PTSD and its associated symptoms with certain strains of medical cannabis to lessen symptoms and improve quality of life for patients and their families.

The study follows patients with PTSD who have initiated treatment with medical cannabis. Read this press release to learn more about the groundbreaking medical cannabis research study.

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