Can medical cannabis help your Fibromyalgia?

In small scale studies, prescription cannabinoids have been shown to reduce pain, improve function and help the effects of anxiety, with an additional benefit of sleep improvement.

“In 1999 the Institute of Medicine did a report — Marijuana and Medicine. And they said, in fact, that cannabinoids have benefit in relief of pain, increase in appetite, and relief of nausea and vomiting.”

Cannabis’s ability to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation may also aid to joint relief and improve daily motor function.

Typical Fibromyalgia treatment

Treating fibromyalgia is a difficult process since the cause is unknown and therefore patients will need specially-tailored treatments for their specific situation.

In the case of medications, opioids are used in approximately 30% of cases, with a positive effect on pain but carry the same dangers and side effects commonly associated with them.

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