Medical cannabis for HIV/AIDS patients

Medical cannabis is helpful as a supplemental medication for HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals, helping offset some of the side effects caused by those medications. It is estimated that 14-37% of people living with HIV/AIDS are currently using medical cannabis to offset symptoms.

HIV/AIDS patients will often experience nausea, upset stomachs or loss of appetite, all of which can be countered by prescription cannabinoids. Improved anxiety, increased relaxation, depression aid and some pain relief have also been listed as benefits in users.

Typical HIV/AIDS treatment

HIV/AIDS is a lifelong disease with no current cure; however treatment medications known as antiretrovirals can help suppress the virus and its actions within the body. These treatments have enhanced over the years and can greatly improve the quality of life of patients with HIV/AIDS, but since they are only suppressants and not cures, they must be taken for the rest of the patients life.

Like many medications, the side effects of antiretroviral drugs vary from person to person. They can be serious and have an adverse impact on the patient’s quality of life. Managing these side effects is an integral part of living with HIV/AIDS.

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