Cannabis for treating neuropathic pain

Mark Ware, a pain clinician at McGill University in Montreal, has done research on cannabinoids (CB) and how they can affect neuropathic pain. His results have shown medical cannabis has been successful in producing the desired effect.

Cannabinoids are able to block certain neurotransmitters, including pain-producing pathways, helping reduce the harmful effects from lingering nerve damage.

Typical treatments for nerve damage

Many factors play a part in how nerve damage is treated, including whether or not the nerves are able to fully recover, with or without surgery. Sometimes nerve damage cannot be completely cured, so treatments involve monitoring and mitigating levels of pain.

Some injuries can benefit greatly from physical therapy, massage therapy or orthotics, while deeper levels of nerve damage may require medications. Prescriptions may include pain relievers, anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs.

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