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Interested in getting your medical marijuana prescription in Montreal, but not sure where to start? Apollo is here to help.


Apollo Cannabis Clinic makes it their mission to provide Canadians across the country with the tools necessary to take control of their health and to improve their quality of life. Our team is dedicated to help the city of Montreal get the relief they need with medical cannabis.

Apollo offers video appointments that allow for Apollo to be accessed anywhere in the country! These appointments allow for patients located in Montreal to be able to see our doctors in Toronto without having to wait inside a doctors office, travel to our clinics in Ontario, and to be able to have the appointment from their home or office!

There are numerous conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis, including, but not limited to:

Are There Medical Marijuana Regulations in Montreal?

Montreal, similar to all of Canada operates under the federal cannabis regulation known as ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation). Because of this, patients are allowed to be prescribed medical cannabis from a practitioner located anywhere in Canada, no matter where the patient is located. Patients are also allowed to travel anywhere in the country with their prescription medical cannabis, permitted they travel with the cannabis in the labeled prescription bottle.

Once patients have their cannabis prescription they can then order their medication online or by phone directly from the licensed producer. Quebec is home to over 7 LP’s, however, patients may choose any licensed producer, no matter where they are located.

Due to many patients being inexperienced in how to take their medication and how to order their medication, Apollo offers education session where our educators walk patients through the process and answer any questions that the patient may have concerning their medication or the process itself.

Why Choose Apollo Cannabis Clinics?

National Recognition

Apollo Cannabis Clinics strive to provide patients with high quality and personalized care. Because of this, we are the 2017 recipients of the Top Clinic of Eastern Canada award at Lift & Co. Canadian Cannabis Awards!

Quality Service & Support

Due to the differences in medical cannabis system in comparison to other prescription medication, Apollo Cannabis Clinics strive to ensure that patients are comfortable and confident with their new medication and prescription, regardless if they are new to cannabis or have an extensive cannabis history.

To do this, Apollo offers education sessions that go over the basics of cannabis as well as going through the process to order your cannabis. We also offer continuous support for patients after their initial appointment to answer any further questions concerning their prescription or their medicine. Our support team is available 7 days a week by phone, email and online chat.

Validated by Research

Apollo’s Research Division helps solidify Apollo Cannabis Clinics as one the industry leaders when it comes to medical cannabis research. We have 2 ongoing studies, examining the impact of medical cannabis use on chronic pain and PTSD.

About Montreal

Montreal is Quebec’s largest city and is Canada’s second largest city with a population of 1,704,694. In addition, Montreal is the second largest french speaking city second only to Paris, France! Montreal is also one of the most bilingual speaking cities in Canada with 59% of the population speaking both french and English.

Quebec is home to several licensed producers with many of them having headquarters located in Montreal!

In addition Quebec is home to over 7000 registered cannabis patients according to Statistic Canada!

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