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Medical Cannabis Now: Mythbusters Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to our 15th episode of Medical Cannabis Now! Today, we wanted to cover common myths and misconceptions around cannabis, especially medical. As cannabis was considered illegal for so many years, not only did it hinder research, but facts around the plant were generally restricted to word of mouth, which led to a lot of misinformation about medicine.  Since there was little to no substantial research,  physicians and other health professionals also had no training on the topic, which is something we are still working to combat today by educating patients, physicians, and health professionals across Canada…


What to Expect From an Online/Virtual Medical Cannabis Appointment

COVID-19 has changed the way that Canadians access healthcare. Online doctors have become more commonplace in 2020 and we are glad to be able to continue to see all Canadians from coast to coast virtually through a secure online platform. *While we normally do offer in-person consultations at one of our 5 locations, all of our appointments are currently done virtually via telephone or a secure video-platform (webcam), and can be done from anywhere across Canada.   What’s an online/virtual medical cannabis appointment and why are you offering them? Apollo’s virtual appointments provide Canadians with access to a healthcare practitioner…


Medical Cannabis Now: Healthy Living & Cannabis

Welcome to the 11th episode of our Medical Cannabis Now series. With the New Year approaching, we wanted to go over Healthy Living as we all begin to consider our New Year’s Resolutions. In this episode, Kim covers a wide range of topics that apply to our overall health. As the weather gets colder and the days become shorter, mental and physical health becomes more important than ever – and these two are closely intertwined. This episode discusses the importance of good gut health, combating seasonal affective disorder, exercise, social support, and how the endocannabinoid system can affect them.  …


Migraines, Headaches, & Medical Cannabis – Episode 10

Episode 10: Migraines & Medical Cannabis Welcome to the 10th episode in our Medical Cannabis Now series! This month, Arash Taghvai, MD.,  discusses a few different types of headaches, how medical cannabis can play a role, and he’s prepared a couple of case studies at the end alongside answering your questions. We’ll help you understand what causes headaches and what we often see in the clinics of patients looking for relief for not only migraines but co-existing conditions. Thank you to all those who did send questions in and please enjoy!   Migraine Types, Causes & Symptoms This episode we…


Does medical cannabis come in pill or capsule form?

Does medical cannabis come in pill or capsule form? Yes, medical cannabis comes in pill form. These edible pills—also called capsules, softgels, or tablets—offer an alternative to inhaling cannabis (e.g., vaporizing or smoking) and ingesting cannabis oils.   What are medical marijuana capsules? How are they different from other forms of cannabis? Medical cannabis capsules are filled with cannabis extract that has been blended with a food-grade carrier oil, usually sunflower oil or MCT oil. They can contain only THC, only CBD, or a mixture of the two. CBD and THC oil pills are eaten/ingested instead of inhaled. They are…


What is a medical marijuana/cannabis card?

What is a medical cannabis card?  A medical cannabis card is more accurately called a Medical Document, which can be thought of as a medical cannabis prescription. This prescription, required by Health Canada, allows you to access medical cannabis directly from a licensed producer (LP). A doctor or, in some provinces, a nurse practitioner completes a form that looks like this and sends it to your licensed producer of choice. It authorizes your use of medical cannabis and must be renewed based on the length of time your practitioner prescribes for you, up to twelve months. Like most medications, your…