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A Day In The Life of: Insomnia

Author: Mark  Sleep. My best friend and enemy at the same time. Around 16 years old, I developed a habit of staying up late where I could do what I wanted without interruption, whether it was making music, playing video games, or reading books. Once University came around, I would purposefully look to schedule all of my classes in the afternoon, knowing I had become a nighthawk. I had worked my way through school, and found a job that worked with my schedule at a hotel doing banquets. The shifts were from 5pm to around 3am, and I decided to…


Medical Cannabis For Multiple Myeloma

Marijuana for Multiple Myeloma

Although it has been legal in Canada for nearly two decades, the use of medical cannabis still remains a hot topic of discussion in the medical world. Despite this, many people have used cannabis to treat all kinds of health conditions, even more, serious ones like cancer. From our medical marijuana doctors in BC to Ontario, doctors are finding cannabis may be beneficial in treating various symptoms. One type of cancer that seems to be more vulnerable to cannabis is multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood.  Multiple Myeloma: An Overview Multiple myeloma is rare cancer that targets the plasma…


How Can Cannabis Help OCD?

Cannabis for OCD

There is research that’s being done to show how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) can play an important role in affecting our fear, anxiety, and repetitive behaviours. The question now becomes; does it have any effect on obsessive-compulsive disorder? Could cannabis-based products be the solution many people with OCD are looking for? This article hopes to explore the relationship between weed and OCD. These types of questions are frequently asked at Apollo and others in Medical Cannabis Toronto. An article that was published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, scientists from the Weil Cornell Medical College and Columbia University examined the possibility…


CBD Hemp Oil For Ankylosing Spondylitis

CBD Oil for AS

Arthritis is a prevalent chronic health problem in Canada, with around 6 million Canadians currently suffering from this condition. It’s been estimated that by 2040, 24 percent of Canada’s population will have arthritis. It doesn’t target a specific age group, but your chances of getting the disease increases as you grow older. There are over 100 known types of arthritis today. All of them cause joint inflammation and stiffness which can lead to permanent damage if left untreated for too long. What makes this disease highly problematic is that once you have it, it stays with you for the rest…


Marijuana Doctors

Interest in CBD or cannabidiol, available in oils, gummies, drops, and even mints, has exploded recently. The chemical has been added to a huge range of products and marketed heavily...

Cannabis Oil: What’s the Hype?

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court allowed patients using medical marijuana to legally alter their dried cannabis into oils. Before this point, it was considered unlawful as the previous regulations only allowed the vaporization of dried cannabis. Since the ruling, more waves have been made in the medical marijuana industry, and some insurance companies may even be on board with actually covering cannabis oil, due to its ability to be concentrated into consecutive doses in the form of pills, therefore leading to doses being more regulated and consistent. With all the hype currently going around about cannabis oils, you may…