MMPR vs MMAR - Canadian Cannabis Regulations

MMAR vs MMPR: Canadian Cannabis Regulation Simplified

When Health Canada announced in April, 2014 that they were replacing the MMAR with a new set of rules – the MMPR – to regulate the production and distribution of medical cannabis, many people were left asking “but how does this affect me?”

To simplify the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, lets break it down piece by piece.

What is the MMPR?

Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is a new set of rules and regulations for growing, buying and selling medical cannabis in Canada. With the new regulations, doctors now have the power to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. Their medicine is purchased through a commercial grower (licensed producer or LP) that has been licensed by Health Canada.

How is it different from the MMAR?

The main difference between the MMAR and the new MMPR is that patients can no longer grow cannabis themselves or have it grown for them. By switching to commercial growers and a doctor prescribed system, patients now have more accessibility and choice.

It has also been said that the switch was the result of pressure from Health Canada to improve access to medical marijuana and cut down on legal home grow operations – which have been getting out of control over the years.

How do I sign up/purchase medical marijuana under the MMPR?

Patients no longer need to contact Health Canada. Instead, patients suffering with eligible conditions (chronic pain, anxiety disorders, PTSD) can obtain a referral from their doctor. If the patient doesn’t have a referral, they can also obtain a prescription providing they have sufficient medical records to support their condition.

Apollo Clinic has physicians on site, therefor we can assess your conditions, prescribe medical cannabis, and educate the patient all under one roof.

Moving forward, the big opportunity and focus will be on educating physicians about the truth surround medical cannabis, it’s scientific components, and the research that is currently underway.Since the power is now in the hands of your doctor, it’s important they have the correct information.


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5 replies
  1. james
    james says:

    We have (& maintain) the right to grow our own medication…buying from a licenced producer will take away that right ( which is not right ) . Welcome to Prohibition 2.0

  2. T
    T says:

    Its sad that apollo only supports the LPs right to grow and profit and not the patients right to safe pesticide and toxin free grown medicine at home.

  3. Louis
    Louis says:

    Just the usual corporate bullsh1t.. of course Health Canada and all the LP’s have a vested interest in screwing the little guy, or even people growing their own medicine. There is just not enough profit in it (on their end) with the MMAP. good for all the BC growers standing up to this with court injunctions etc 🙂
    side not- Marc Emry please stop trying to take the reigns from the little guy.. your face is not what people want to see championing weed


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