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Arthritis & Chronic Pain

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Arthritis, Medical Cannabis, & Chronic Pain Research

In our fifth educational presentation, we discuss one of the main conditions we see in-clinic, arthritis, and chronic pain. Arash Taghvai, an International Medical Graduate and Manager of Clinical Affairs discusses the different types of arthritis and how they affect the body. He also goes into the science behind medical cannabis and how it may help relieve symptoms like inflammation and pain. 

As we discuss the differences between both rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, we want viewers to learn how & where arthritis affects the body and what medications may be useful to help treat the associated symptoms. As Apollo is also a research facility, this episode allowed us to share some of our chronic pain research findings from our completed study. Patients were followed over a 12 month period to study the effect of medical cannabis in treating chronic pain, which resulted in many patients finding relief. 

 The study indicated that patients who followed Apollo’s treatment plan had a 27% reduction in pain in one month and 43% in 12 months. It was also reported that patients who were using opioid treatments prior to medical cannabis, on average, halved the dose of their medication after 1 month of medical cannabis treatment, from 26 mg/day to 13 mg/day. 

In the last half of our video, Arash answers questions from patients and followers concerning ingestion vs topicals, strain selection and best dosing methods for arthritis. 

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