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Does CBD Oil Expire?

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Does CBD Oil Expire?

In Short – Yes, but you’ve got a good amount of time.

Have you ever gone to use your oil you forgot about in the cupboard months later and find it seemed a bit off? Whether it was the murky consistency, cloudy colour, or a different taste, CBD oils will eventually lose their freshness and potency. 

The exact amount of time depends on the type of oil it is and how it’s been stored. It’s good to know that when we are discussing the cannabis oil eventually spoiling, it’s not the CBD itself but the base oil it is originally diluted within.

But don’t fret, as CBD oil generally last anywhere from 6 months to two years depending on if it’s kept sealed and at a proper temperature.  

But Why?

The oils used as the base for most CBD oils are usually MCT Oils (Extracted from coconut oil) olive oil, or hemp oil. Just like your olive oil you keep in the kitchen, it will last a good amount of time; anywhere from 6 months and up. MCT oil is known to have the longest shelf life, and a full spectrum oil (Oil made with more plant matter left in the oil) will actually expire quicker due to the high plant concentration. 

It has been recommended to keep your oils in a cool, dark, and dry environment to help prevent any extra heat, light, air, or any other foreign catalysts. 

Upon the gradual degradation of the oil, it isn’t something that will harm your health, but may reduce the potency and overall effectiveness of the product. Keeping your CBD oil away from intense hots and colds (Like sitting in your vehicle) will help ensure a longer quality product. 

You paid good money for your oil, so take that extra minute to ensure it’s stored properly and somewhere you will remember to take it!

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