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Does medical cannabis come in pill or capsule form?

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Does medical cannabis come in pill or capsule form?

Yes, medical cannabis comes in pill form. These edible pills—also called capsules, softgels, or tablets—offer an alternative to inhaling cannabis (e.g., vaporizing or smoking) and ingesting cannabis oils.

What are medical marijuana capsules? How are they different from other forms of cannabis?

Medical cannabis capsules are filled with cannabis extract that has been blended with a food-grade carrier oil, usually sunflower oil or MCT oil. They can contain only THC, only CBD, or a mixture of the two.

CBD and THC oil pills are eaten/ingested instead of inhaled. They are discreet and easier to consume than cannabis oils, which require a dropper, and are preferred by those who don’t like the taste of cannabis oils. 

Does cannabis in pill form mean insurance companies are more likely to cover it as medicine?

Insurance plans that offer a healthcare spending account (HCSA/HSA) as part of their benefits package usually now offer coverage for medical cannabis due to the Canada Revenue Agency allowing medical cannabis to claimed as a medical tax expense. This will cover medical cannabis capsules. Be sure to always check first with your insurance provider to see what can be claimed as a reimbursable expense under this account. 

Medical cannabis does not have a drug identification number (DIN), which is required by insurance companies to cover the expense of medication under regular coverage. However, some insurers are now reimbursing the cost of medical cannabis for patients with specific conditions. Some of the conditions that are covered include pain associated with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and symptoms related to HIV/AIDS. This coverage is for any medical cannabis product, including cannabis in pill form. Check with your insurance company to see if it covers medical marijuana pills.

In Ontario, your medical cannabis appointments with a doctor are covered by OHIP. Unfortunately, this coverage does not extend to the cost of your medical cannabis.  

Veteran’s Affairs Canada reimburses eligible medical cannabis patients for the cost of their medicine, up to three grams per day, unless they have exceptional approval from a specialist requesting reimbursement for more than three grams per day. This includes coverage of medical marijuana capsules.

What kinds of doses do cannabis oil pills come in?

Medical marijuana pills come in a range of THC and/or CBD. You can buy THC pills that contain 2.5–10 mg THC, CBD pills that contain 5–20 mg CBD, or pills that contain a mixture of THC and CBD in various ranges. The available range of cannabinoids gives you options for dosing.

How is cannabis in pill form made? What are the common ingredients?

THC pills and CBD pills are made by filling either a hardshell capsule or a gelatin softgel with cannabis extract diluted in a food-grade carrier oil. The ingredients include cannabis extract—with THC and/or CBD—and a food-grade carrier oil like sunflower oil or MCT oil.

What are the benefits of cannabis pills vs. other forms of cannabis? 

Medical cannabis pills come in a range of available doses—with either THC, CBD, or both—making it easy to increase or decrease the amount you take so you can find the dose that treats your symptoms best with minimal side effects.

Cannabis oil capsules provide consistent dosing, which means that the amount of THC and/or CBD in each capsule is the same for each batch. You will always know precisely how much you’re taking and can more accurately track how your medicine is affecting your symptoms. 

Cannabis pills are convenient, easy to swallow, and a discreet way to take medical cannabis. They are preferred by medical cannabis consumers who don’t want to smoke or vaporize their medicine and find ingestible cannabis oils messy. Not all consumers like the way that cannabis oil tastes and capsules can offer an odourless alternative.


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