Free Educational Video Sessions: Mental Health & Physical Well-Being

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Below we offer you a free educational series where we dive into hot topics in the medical cannabis world today. 

We will be hosting a new episode live monthly. In case you missed our past videos, we are pleased to share them with you below. 

If you have a more personal or specific question, we encourage you to book a free appointment with one of our health care professionals as well at 877-560-9195


Mental health, well-being, and integrating medical cannabis

In our fourth Facebook & Instagram Livestream, we discussed some of the issues many Canadians are currently facing during COVID-19, while focusing on both our mental & physical health while self-isolating. Arash Taghvai, an International Medical Graduate and Manager of Clinical Affairs reviewed the different ways medical cannabis may have a positive effect on different symptoms like insomnia & pain and how our endocannabinoid system works to make us feel better, using the natural remedy of cannabis also known as marijuana, weed and many more

As a doctors office & medical cannabis research facility, we’ve learned that this is a personalized medication and patients have reported that products like CBD oil, THC oil & balanced strains have helped to manage their anxiety, depression and pain. While there is some evidence being reported on the benefits of muscle recovery & CBD due to its anti-inflammatory properties, we have seen an increase in professional athletes around the world gain interest into the benefits of medical marijuana for their bodies, ensuring they perform at an optimal level & have a speedy recovery. 

At Apollo, our doctors treat patients with research backed science around medical cannabis and as we treat more patients, it has become more clear that when cannabis is used to manage one symptom, it’s also creating a cause and effect scenario that leads to alleviating multiple and unrelated symptoms.

 A great example of this is when a patient reports they are struggling with pain and their cannabis oil helps them get a full and comfortable nights sleep, allowing their body to recover overnight which alleviates some of their pain when they wake up. 

 In the last half of our livestream, Arash answers questions from viewers and patients around dosing, absorption in the body, how cannabis interacts with other medications, virtual doctors appointments and much more. 

Please enjoy & feel free to share your feedback and questions with us at See you soon.


While we strive to best answer your questions, we do encourage any personal medical advice to be taken from a medical professional as this is a very personalized medicine, tailored to you.

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