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Know Thy Cannabis Vaporizer – By Michael Blais, CD

Getting medical cannabis patients to switch to a vaporizer from ‘blazing a doobie’ is often difficult. Particularly if you are a connoisseur, the pungent and alluring scent of premium cannabis is a pleasure unto itself, which is often the case when dealing with reputable medical cannabis providers. On a personal level, I have never experienced such a variety of wondrous tasting cannabis as I have been provided by Canadian Licensed Producers over these past four years.   I do not enjoy the persistent, full onslaught effect or the pervasive brain fog that invariably strikes not long after smoking despite my…


Lest We Forget – By Michael Blais, CD

Lest we Forget. This year, Remembrance Day will certainly be different. Months after first emerging, COVID-19 continues to threaten Canadians’ way of life, more so as the globe, not only Canada, confronts the grim realities inherent with the virus’s second wave. Significant restrictions are and/or may be in effect on November 11th. The Royal Canadian Legion has responded to the obvious threat COVID-19 poses to disabled or elderly veterans, preemptively taking the extraordinary measure of encouraging Canadians to stay home this year. I would encourage you to abide, perhaps honour the memories of Canada’s fallen by assembling with your “Bubble…


Safety Tips For Cold & Flu Season

Safety Tips For Cold & Flu Season As the colours change and we head into fall, we also unfortunately enter into the cold & flu season. Due to COVID-19 this year, it’s even more important that we do as much as possible to protect ourselves and those close to us from illness. The flu is highly contagious and leads to thousands of hospitalizations each year – including thousands of deaths within Canada alone. Education is key of course, and we’re here to provide some insight about the cold and flu season to help keep you healthy all winter long. What’s…


Consumption of Medical Cannabis – By Michael Blais, CD

I am fortunate. As a disabled Canadian veteran, the Government of Canada supports the expense of my medical cannabis prescription which I obtained through the help of the doctors, pain specialists, and support staff at Apollo Cannabis Clinics. Medical cannabis costs, due in part to the government’s intransigence in rendering it an affordable medication, can be truly cost prohibitive.  But what are the alternatives? A life doomed to the inevitable adverse consequences of prolonged use of opiates or highly addictive antipsychotic drugs in respect to the inevitable mental duress most disabled Canadians experience at one point of time in their…


Welcome Canadian Veteran:
Michael “Blazer” Blais

Greetings from Niagara Falls, Ontario. My name is Michael Blais. My father’s heritage was French, but I was born and raised in an Anglophone Niagara Falls prior to the conception of official bilingualism. Pronounced in English, my last name is Blaze, as in fire. Perhaps it might not surprise you that I was tagged with the nickname of Blazer at an early age.  The “Blazer” references to cannabis are not obscure! Blazing one with Blazer… snicker. I was introduced to cannabis as a teenager working at a museum in Niagara Falls during the “groovy” seventies. I was a monster, my…