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Medical Cannabis 101

How to get a Medical Marijuana Prescription from Apollo

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If you’ve decided that you’re ready to try medicinal cannabis, we welcome you. We know that for some of you, it may have been a long road of pain and suffering to reach this point, and we are here with open arms to make your journey using cannabis based medicine, easy, educational and as comfortable as possible. For those looking into medical cannabis for the first time, it can often seem overwhelming and confusing to figure out how to actually become a legal cannabis patient. This article will go over everything you need to know about how to obtain a medical marijuana prescription in Ontario or any other province from Apollo Marijuana Clinic. So if you’re ready to take the plunge, read on! We will go over eligibility requirements, how to book an appointment, what to bring and what to expect at your first cannabis appointment with us.

Eligibility Requirements

In order for you to book an appointment with one of our Psychiatrists, Pain Doctors or other qualified physicians, you need to meet some basic eligibility requirements:

  • Have an eligible condition that can be treated by medical cannabis ( see below )
  • Have never been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 or Schizophrenia

Conditions Treated by Medical Cannabis

Most of our patients suffer with chronic pain, however marijuana can help countless medical conditions including ( but not limited to):

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy/ seizures
  • ADHD
  • And more!

If you are unsure if your medical condition is eligible for treatment with medical cannabis, please give us a call so we can do a preliminary phone screening or check out our eligibility page!

How to Book an Appointment

There are 2 ways patients can book an appointment with a doctor at our clinic:

1. Referral from a Doctor

If your doctor is supportive of your decision to explore medical cannabis as a viable option for your condition, the easiest way to get an appointment with an Apollo doctor is through a referral from your family doctor/ specialists. Ask your doctor to fill out a referral form and fax it to us. When we receive the referral fax, we will then contact you to set up an appointment time.

2. “Walk-in” Appointment with Supporting Documents

If your family doctor is a little more old school and hasn’t quite come around to the benefits of medical cannabis, no problem. All we need is supporting documentation of your primary condition in order to book your appointment. Supporting documentation can include a list of prescription medications you may currently be on, or have been using in the past for your condition, clinical notes with a diagnosis from a doctor, MRI’s, X-rays, etc. You will need to either bring in your supporting documentation when you have your appointment, or fax/email your documents into us prior to your appointment.

Appointments Types

Once you have your paperwork sorted out, whether that’s a referral or your medical documentation, it’s time to book an appointment with our clinic. You can either call us at Toll free at 1(877) 560-9195 or email us at

There are 2 ways you can have an appointment with one of our doctors:

1. In Clinic

Our clinics are located in North York, Downtown, and Etobicoke and are easily accessible by either public transit or car. If you live in the GTA, this option is recommended as we can book you in for an appointment at an earlier date and you get to speak with the doctor face-to-face. The appointment is a 3 step process that involves a thorough examination of your medical history (triage), the appointment with the Doctor, and then a 1-on-1, individualized education/orientation session with one of our Patient educators. They will ensure you are 100% comfortable and confident in your treatment plan with medical cannabis.

2. OTN (Ontario TeleMedicine Network)

If you do not live in the GTA but live in Ontario, we also offer something called OTN or Ontario Telemedicine Network. This means your appointment with our medical cannabis doctors in Ontario will occur over a video conference call and take place in a hospital or other medical building close to you. Post-appointment, one of our patient educations will still call you to go over your prescription, where to get your medical cannabis, how to take the medicine, legalities of being a medical cannabis patient and much more.

Your First Medical Marijuana Appointment: What to Bring & What to Know

What to Bring:

  • A valid government-issued Health Card
  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • Your supporting documentation, if we don’t already have it (Referral or your documentation)

What to Know:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment as there are some forms that need to be filled out prior to seeing a physician
  • You will have to provide a urine sample upon arrival at the clinic
  • Give yourself some time. We do our best to keep the flow of our clinic running smoothly and efficiently but sometimes we experience a delay given the nature of a Doctor’s office.
  • There are 3 steps: You will first be seen by a Physician’s assistant for Triage where they will take your medical history. You will then be seen by our physician. If cannabis is right for you, you will then be given a tailored medical marijuana prescription.You then sit down with one of our patient educators who will go over an extensive information package with you and ensure you are 100% comfortable and confident in your new treatment plan with Medical Cannabis.
  • We have a $53.10+Tax Orientation & Registration Processing fee. Your actual doctor’s appointment is covered by OHIP, however the educational service we offer has a 1-time fee. This education session will also help you choose and register with a Licensed Producer (LP), who you actually order and receive your medical cannabis from. Some LP’s even offer on the spot delivery so you can order with us in clinic and have your medicine on the way by the time you leave!

We hope this road map to the process of getting a medical marijuana prescription with Apollo was helpful and informative. We encourage you to email or call us at any point for more information, or to book your first appointment. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about medical cannabis and we look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you discover if this is a good option for your health care.

Speak to you soon!


Apollo Cannabis

We are a research clinic and doctor's office that specializes in cannabinoid therapy (medical cannabis treatment). We have published our own peer reviewed clinical research study on the use of medical cannabis for pain management. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and patient educators have helped over 100,000 Canadians. We are here to help educate, support, and provide relief.

Get medical marijuana legally to treat ADHD, Anxiety, Pain Management, and More

Bodystream has merged into Apollo as of May 1, 2023, and here at Apollo we are looking forward to welcoming all new and existing Bodystream patients for free appointments with a medical cannabis healthcare practitioner.

Bodystream has merged into Apollo as of May 1, 2023, and here at Apollo we are looking forward to welcoming all new and existing Bodystream patients for free appointments with a medical cannabis healthcare practitioner.