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Medical Cannabis for Sciatica Pain Relief

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medical cannabis for sciatica pain
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Sciatica pain is caused by an injury to or pressure on the sciatica nerve and is classified as radicular pain. Besides the pain, this can also be felt as tingling, weakness, or numbness in the leg. Sciatica pain is not a condition itself, but a symptom. Common causes of sciatica pain include slipped or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, the overgrowth of bone, tumours, or pelvic injuries. The pain and numbness can lead to reduced mobility, increased inflammation, and a decreased quality of life. Traditional treatments for sciatica pain include hot and cold therapy, physical therapy and stretching, pain relievers, and acupuncture.

Because of all this, medical cannabis is a great potential option to help manage sciatica/neuropathic pain. By using medical cannabis alongside other treatment options (both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical), patients will have the potential to reduce the interference of sciatica pain in their lives through pain and inflammation minimization, sleep assistance, and even mood improvements.

Does Medical Cannabis Work for Sciatica Pain?

Cannabinoids within medical cannabis, such as CBD and THC, act on our internal endocannabinoid system which has receptors (CB1 & CB2) throughout our entire body and nervous system. Our endocannabinoid system helps manage various systems within our body including pain response, mood, sleep, appetite, immune response, memory, and more to help maintain homeostasis. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant can bind to and act on these receptors to help modulate pain signals and reduce immune responses (inflammation).  

All that said, cannabis has been found to be an effective treatment option for nerve pain. Many published studies have found medical cannabis to be an effective pain killer (generally THC) and anti-inflammatory agent (generally CBD). We ourselves here at Apollo Clinics have published a peer-reviewed journal article on the use of medical cannabis for chronic pain, and found many patients were even able to reduce other more harmful medications such as opioids. 

Researchers found that THC reduces a person’s pain when compared to placebo. On a scale of zero to 100, before taking medication, on average participants rated their pain levels at 53. After taking THC oil, they rated their pain levels at an average of 35 compared to an average of 43 for those who were given the placebo.”

How to Use Medical Cannabis for Sciatica Pain Relief

Medical cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all solution as a variety of factors can affect how effective it is for you. Choosing the right dosage, products, strains, and delivery method can all impact your medical cannabis journey. Speaking with a specialist, such as a doctor at Apollo, can help you find what will work best for you while ensuring you have guidance and taking into account your medical history. 

Cannabis Oil For Sciatica

There are a variety of great product options to help with sciatica pain that ranges from edibles, oils, inhalation (vaporizers), gels, creams, and more. Each has its benefits and can be useful for anticipating long-term pain throughout the day or counter-acting quick onset pain. Some patients use a combination of ingestible oils as well as creams or vaporization for quick relief when needed.

If you are curious about trying or learning more about medical cannabis for sciatica pain, we offer free virtual appointments, Canada wide. Our team of physicians and patient educators will help you every step of the way and are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you have. During your appointment, you will learn what product options are best for you to start with, as well as your dosage and cannabinoid ratios for different times of the day (CBD:THC). 

Conclusion: Where to Get Medical Cannabis for Sciatica in Canada

After your appointment with a doctor and obtaining your prescription, you will receive your medication from a Licensed Producer. This is a company that Health Canada has certified to allow to grow and sell you your medication. Our healthcare team will help you guide you through picking one (or more) and placing your first order with them. Medical cannabis can not be bought from a pharmacy or recreational store.

Medical cannabis has the potential to be a safe and effective treatment option when it comes to managing sciatica pain, and all the other unwanted secondary symptoms that come along with it. It is always recommended to speak to a medical cannabis specialist first to ensure you are using it both safely and effectively. If you have any questions or would like to book a free appointment with a doctor at Apollo Cannabis Clinics, click here.

Apollo Cannabis

We are a research clinic and doctor's office that specializes in cannabinoid therapy (medical cannabis treatment). We have published our own peer reviewed clinical research study on the use of medical cannabis for pain management. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and patient educators have helped over 100,000 Canadians. We are here to help educate, support, and provide relief.

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Bodystream has merged into Apollo as of May 1, 2023, and here at Apollo we are looking forward to welcoming all new and existing Bodystream patients for free appointments with a medical cannabis healthcare practitioner.

Bodystream has merged into Apollo as of May 1, 2023, and here at Apollo we are looking forward to welcoming all new and existing Bodystream patients for free appointments with a medical cannabis healthcare practitioner.