Do you Qualify for an ACMPR Personal Production License?

Apollo helps patients apply for a personal production license with Health Canada so that you are legally allowed to grow cannabis plants for your own personal medical use.

In order to legally grow medical cannabis in Canada, you must:

(1) be over the age of 18
(2) have no prior cannabis convictions
(3) be prescribed medical cannabis by a physician
(4) fill out and submit an application to Health Canada

We help you every step of the way to ensure that you are successfully registered with Health Canada to grow your own medicine.


What you need to know

How it works?

First, an Apollo physician will prescribe a certain amount of cannabis per day, in grams. A patient educator will then help you fill out the appropriate sections of the personal production application to ensure a successful application process.

Becoming a Designated Grower

You can become a designated grower for a medical patient. It is a similar application process with Health Canada, however you will be applying to become a designated grower for another patient. Apollo can help ensure you complete the application accurately, for a smooth process.

Provincial Regulations

Every province in Canada has set out certain rules and restrictions for home-grown cannabis. Some provinces will allow you to grow up to 4 plants, whereas other provinces have decided against recreational home grows. In order to legally grow more than 4 plants, you will need a medical cannabis prescription.

Plant & Production Limitations

Your prescription for medical cannabis, coupled with the grow location (indoors vs outdoors vs seasonal) will determine how many plants you are allowed to grow. Health Canada’s personal production calculator will help you estimate the number of plants you will be allowed to grow, based on your prescription.

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