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How to Choose and Order from a licensed Producer of Medical Cannabis

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Things to Consider When Choosing an ACMPR Licensed Producer:

Licensed Producers currently represent the only legal avenue to access and purchase medical cannabis in Canada.

But oftentimes new patients get a prescription for medical cannabis and then aren’t sure of what to do next.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating licensed producers:

Product Selection

When choosing a Licensed Producer (LP) the most important factor to consider is: do they have the products and strains right for you. Some LP’s specialize in dried cannabis, where other excel at producing oils and capsules. An Apollo patient educator will help you choose an LP best for your healthcare needs and preferences.


With so many different types of medical cannabis available, a wide price range follows. Most dried cannabis strains from an LP range from $6-12 per gram but can go as high as $15+ per gram. Bottles of oil can range from $35 a bottle to almost $200 – with varying concentration levels and ml per bottle.

When initially starting out with an LP (or with medical cannabis in general), it’s common to try different types of strains to gauge how one affects your body over another.

To ensure you get started on the right foot and don’t have to experiment more than necessary, an Apollo patient educator will ensure you seek a Licensed producer who best suits your budget/ financial situation.

Service and Support

Ordering medical cannabis for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. How do you register? How do you place the order? How do you choose the right product to try?

Apollo will be there to help you every step of the way, and so will your LP.

Many LP websites have a list of frequently asked questions, as well as background information on the company and what they stand for. But picking up the phone and talking to a producer’s support team can really be effective when placing an order, or gaining extra information on a specific product.

Programs and Policies

From pricing and shipping to veterans assistance, it’s important you know as much as possible about a producer’s policies and other programs.


While shipping is often thought of after buying something online, knowing as much as you can about a licensed producer’s shipping practices can help make your experience of buying medical cannabis online a good one.

Most producers will offer free shipping if your order exceeds a certain dollar amount, and some will enable free shipping based on how many grams are in your order.

Some licensed producers have faster shipping times then others, this may factor into which producer you decide to go with if you are concerned about having your medicine arrive when you need it.

If the cost, and timelines of shipping are important to you, an Apollo Patient Educator will ensure you choose an LP best for you.

Compassionate Pricing Program

If you have a low income or are on disability, many producers offer discounts on their products in what’s usually called a compassionate care or compassionate pricing program.

If you are receiving a low income, or are receiving financial support, please let Apollo know at the time you book your appointment so we can make sure you bring the right documentation, and receive any discounts you are eligible for.

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We have reopened two of our clinics in the Toronto area for in-person appointments! If you live in the GTA, we look forward to seeing you in person. Click here to view the two clinics.

We have reopened two of our clinics in the Toronto area for in-person appointments! If you live in the GTA, we look forward to seeing you in person. Click here to view the two clinics.