Medical Cannabis 101

Gain a Clear Understanding of Our Online Consultation and Prescription Procedures

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Medical Cannabis is Personalized Medicine.

After consulting with one of our physicians, Apollo will help you build a personalized treatment plan where one of our patient educators will assist you with dose, strain, and product selection, best for your needs specifically.

Apollo Makes it Simple to Help You Get Access to Medical Cannabis to Give You The Relief You Deserve.

Our goal at Apollo Cannabis Clinics, is to help patients in need gain access to reliable and high quality medical cannabis through Health Canada approved Licensed Producers.

Cannabis is emerging as an effective tool to help treat many medical conditions. Book your appointment, to speak to a medical cannabis physician today!

Our Process

Apollo makes it easy, to help you access medical cannabis and speak to an expert about this treatment option:

  • Schedule an appointment online, by email, or by phone. We see patients all across Canada. No doctor’s referral is needed in order to book an appointment with Apollo to see if medical cannabis is right for you.
  • Prior to seeing one of our Doctors, a Physician’s Assistant will assess your current medical condition(s), and your goals in trying medical cannabis.
  • After you have consulted with the Physician’s Assistant, a Physician will go over your intake notes, and discuss the potential of using medical cannabis to treat your medical condition(s).
  • If the Physician thinks you are a good candidate for medical cannabis, you will be prescribed an allotted daily amount of medical cannabis (in grams), for a set duration of time (for example 4 months).
  • Once you’ve been prescribed your dose and prescription length, you will meet with one of our trained Patient Educators who will go over everything you need to know about being a medical cannabis patient including legalities.  Your patient educator will help you create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates your preferred method of consumption, recommended products, strain and dosing advice.
  • Your Patient Educator will fax your registration information to the licensed producer you have chosen, and within a couple days you be registered with them and be able to purchase cannabis products online, or by phone.
  • After placing your order with your licensed producer, your medical cannabis will arrive by mail. Your medical cannabis is ordered on an ‘as-needed’ basis, meaning you are in charge of re-ordering your medicine when you are running low.
  • You will need to have a follow up appointment at Apollo before your prescription expires, to ensure you medical cannabis prescription remains valid and you can continue to order your medicine. Follow up appointments at Apollo are equally as important as your initial consultation as we discuss your progress, questions, and successes with medical cannabis. Like many medications, your prescription may be adjusted to reflect the level of relief you are getting from the medical cannabis products and treatment plan tried.

Get medical marijuana legally to treat ADHD, Anxiety, Pain Management, and More