Apollo Testimonials

Apollo has seen over 10,000 patients since 2014. These are some of their stories.

I have suffered with back, neck & shoulder pain for many years. Thanks to Apollo I have my life back


One year ago July 8 2016 I walked in to Apollo. I could not walk or sit without a pain level of 10 most days…do[ing] any house work just ended in tears of frustration & disappointment. I felt useless. I could not enjoy my family get together’s. Doctor’s had me on So MANY PAIN KILLERS…I was slowing killing every organ in my body. July 8 2017. One year later after being on Medical Cannabis, I feel as though I have a second chance. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you for improving my quality of life. 100% Pain Killer Free.

I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Breast Cancer ( Triple Negative ) and have been working with the Apollo Clinic using Cannabis to treat it.    I have also done some dietary changes, added some healing herbs and juicing. My test results are showing everything is working very well. Thx Apollo for your advice, support and help!

I would like to thank the Apollo cannabis clinic for helping me with my lower back pain


Before coming to the Apollo clinic, my quality of life was suffering dramatically. I was plagued with constant anxiety and depression, leaving me to use medications that were not fit for my conditions and increasing the severity. After coming to the Apollo Clinic, I was met with open arms and compassion


I had migraines for my whole life. Cannabis is the first thing that is actually given me real relief. Thank you Apollo.

Danielle B.

I was ignorant of the benefit that cannabis can offer, your patience and knowledge have alleviated my fear of the unknown. Looking forward to a great relationship lasting for many years.


I have a significant reduction in my pain. Overall my mood, Motivation and well being are revitalized. It is my hopes to completely reduce my need of pharmaceutical medications in the near future.


I would like to take this time to recognize Apollo Applied Research for their commitment and outstanding work in the field of medical marijuana. You are all exceptional, highly efficient and most of all compassionate individuals that have touched my heart.


I have started on the high CBD oil from Tweed. I can report that I have been able to put aside my cane a few times. I am astonished at how well I am doing already! My hopes are up! I am even thinking that someday I could ride a horse or perhaps dance a little, once again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, guiding me and supporting me. I am so appreciative.

Louise Carbonneau Vermeiren

I’m 68 years old and I was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. Since I started my medical marijuana, I am more active, doing things I had no energy before, just when I thought my life was over I have begun to live again


Amazing place! Very educational while sitting in the waiting room, I learned things I truly never knew. All the staff is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Williams is a true gem!


For years, I’ve been suffering from terrible symptoms associated with my Autism diagnosis, including Misophonia. Absolutely nothing worked to help the symptoms, and it seemed that all that the (evil) Psychiatrist I was seeing at the time wanted to do was push drugs with bad side effects. After over 12 years off the drugs, I knew I had to do something to relieve the horrible Misophonia triggers and the even worse after-effects.My current GP agreed to give medical cannabis a try, and he sent a referral to a different clinic (which I won’t name), which was not very helpful, and was not clear what additional medical records they needed.We decided to try again, this time with Apollo. MUCH better experience. Just 5 days from the day the referral was faxed to the day of my appointment. All the staff were very helpful and informative, including the doctor, Dr. Salimpour.I was given a low-THC prescription (max 5.5%), and I was shown the various suppliers and some suggestions as to what might be helpful for me. They signed me up with a supplier, and within 2 days I had the stuff in hand. Not to mention I finally have some relief from these Misophonia triggers. While it does not completely eliminate the triggers, it is a VAST improvement versus before, and there’s not much in the way of a “high” with the stuff I was given. Overall, I am very thankful.

Otis Sito

I have 3 family members who have experienced relief through medical cannabis, all thanks to Apollo. Each condition is very different, from anxiety and depression, to ADD/PTSD, and chronic nerve pain. These family members also range in age from 23 to 92! In each and every case, the Apollo staff took extensive and detailed medical histories, took the time to understand the medical issue and then educated us on the best products for these conditions. Accessing medical cannabis isn’t easy to navigate at first and the Apollo staff are always available to provide expert advice and assistance. We have not hesitated to recommend Apollo to other friends and family and will continue to do so. This is a product whose time has come and needs to be more mainstream!