Quebec, say bonjour to Apollo!

Apollo has served over 50,000 patients which has cemented us as one of Canada’s top Medical Cannabis clinics. Our main goal is to help Canadians improve the quality of life for everyone across Canada.

For our Quebec patients, we offer a secure, confidential video consultation that can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or get unmanageable migraines, Apollo’s team of Medical Cannabis experts will be able to provide any information about Medical Cannabis’ potential effects on your conditions. Apollo is a recent recipient of the ‘Top Clinic, East’ from the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards, and the Top Medical Cannabis Clinic 2019, as awarded by the Top Choice Awards. We have taken big steps towards establishing ourselves as the premier Medical Cannabis clinic in Canada due to our patient care, methodology and research.

If you’ve never used cannabis before, or are an experienced user looking for medical advice for best symptom management, Apollo should be your next call! Our team has treated hundreds of conditions, including:


While we don’t require patients to have a referral to book an appointment at Apollo, we always welcome them. If you would like to be referred by your physician, we’ve attached a referral form here that can be printed out and brought to your doctor. We will send your doctor consult notes so they stay in your circle of care.


Are there medical cannabis regulations in Quebec?

Canada’s Medical Cannabis legislation is country-wide and not province specific, and is governed under the Canabis Act. Once you attain your prescription, you can register with your chosen Licensed Producer and order your Medical Cannabis directly to your door via online or phone orders.

Quebec is home to over 6 Licensed Producers, and is ranked 6th for Cannabis use amongst Canadian provinces & territories.

With the use of video appointments, Apollo has been able to reach those in need in Quebec! With patients from Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, and Sherbrooke, Apollo has made it our main goal to be available to Canadians in need across the country!

How do I get CBD oil In Quebec?

The cannabis plant is composed up numerous components known as cannabinoids. Although there are numerous cannabinoids that all have different medical benefits, currently, studies and scientists are focus on the two main cannabinoids, CBD and THC. THC is the psychoactive component that is responsible for the ‘high’ that is often associated with the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive and has therapeutic qualities. Due to the therapeutic aspects of CBD, it is known for treating conditions such as anxietyepilepsy and depression.

To gain access to CBD oil , and the correct dosing and strain selection advice, in Quebec, you must be prescribed by a physician or healthcare practitioner. Once prescribed, patients can order directly from any Health Canada approved Licensed Producer and have the medicine delivered directly to their home! If you are looking for CBD oil and are located in Quebec, contact us today, to schedule your appointment!

Why choose Apollo Cannabis Clinics?

At Apollo, we have made it our mission to give our patients an improved quality of life with the use of Medical Cannabis.

Years Of Experience

The successful treatment of our patients have made us realize that the work we do has a direct impact on someone’s enjoyment of life, whether it was a local patient coming to our clinic, or a patient on the other side of the country doing a video consultation.

Personalized Treatments

Our medical professionals and patient educators that specialize in Medical Cannabis are here to give you a specialized treatment plan to best suit your conditions and needs.

About Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s largest province by size, and 2nd largest province by population, with about 8,100,000 residents. It is Canada’s only predominantly French-speaking province, with over 94% of their population speaking French, and just under 50% that speak English. It is officially considered to be a part of Central Canada, but it borders many Eastern states in the USA, Ontario, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick.

Quebec’s capital city is Quebec City, but it’s most populous city is Montreal with about 4,000,000 people living in the metropolitan area of Montreal. Quebec’s forest covers more than 750,000 square kilometres, which is the size of Sweden and Norway put together. It represents 20% of the Canadian forests and 2% of the world’s forests.

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