Using Cannabis for Osteoarthritis Pain

Studies have shown medical marijuana has been able to increase the activity of the cannabinoid receptor CB2 that is reduced by OA, helping reverse the effects of inflammation and therefore reducing pain and improving movement.

The natural compounds in medical marijuana make it a wonderful part of an overall Osteoarthritis and Arthritis treatment while helping downsize the potential for harmful side effects.

Typical Osteoarthritis Treatments

In Canada, osteoarthritis affects about 10% of the population. Symptoms typically only involve the joints, with common areas of stiffness and pain being the hands, spine, knees and hips.

While symptoms may progress quickly for some, the joint damage and pain caused by OA builds gradually over a period of years and the cause is always due to joint stress. This may be a result of a previously sustained injury, abnormal growth or genetic heredity.

  • Hand pain:

    Enlarged fingers, knobs on joints and stiff, aching pain makes tasks like opening jars difficult

  • Spine pain:

    Localized pain in the neck or lower back can inhibit activities like walking and moving about and may even affect bladder control

  • Knee pain:

    Swelling and pain may affect the ability to climb stairs, take baths/showers or sit down/stand up from furniture

  • Hip pain:

    Stiff hips, groin or thigh pain can inhibit the range of motion needed to dress or tie shoes

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