Saskatchewan, say hello to Apollo!

At Apollo Cannabis Clinic, we strive to ensure our thousands of Canadian patients are getting the best possible care for their specific conditions and symptoms. Where other medicine has failed, not provided the expected results, or offer too many harsh side effects, Medical Cannabis may be your solution.

If you are located in Saskatchewan, Apollo can offer you a secure video call consultation which is easy and accessible by laptop or smartphone.

Although every patient is different and achieves different results, Medical Cannabis has been used to replace or wean off of heavier benzo and opiate prescription medicines by hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

Our professional team of patient educators are trained to be experts in everything Medical Cannabis, and we keep up to date on the latest industry news and research to give you the best possible care. Our in-depth education sessions provide information about every aspect of your new medicine, including how to use it, when to use it, and the best Licensed Producer(s) for your needs.

Apollo’s goal is to ensure that you leave your appointment with excitement and hope that Medical Cannabis can eventually replace some of your other medications and/or improve the quality of your life. Some of the conditions that we have treated include:


While we don’t require patients to have a referral to book an appointment at Apollo, we always welcome them. If you would like to be referred by your physician, we’ve attached a referral form here that can be printed out and brought to your doctor. We will send your doctor consult notes so they stay in your circle of care.


Are there medical cannabis regulations in Saskatchewan?

Canada’s Medical Cannabis legislation is governed under the Cannabis Act. Prior to this, patients were granted medical cannabis access under the framework called Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Medical cannabis regulations are not province specific and are federally regulated.

This means that Medical Cannabis access is the same in every province, and you are able to travel within Canada (even by plane) with your medical cannabis ( 30x your daily prescription, or up to 150g – whichever is less) .

Once you have received your prescription, you are able to order online or by phone from your chosen Licensed Producer. You do not have to choose a producer that is located in your province – you may choose any LP who best suits your needs. The medical cannabis is ordered online and will be mailed directly to your home, no matter where in Saskatchewan you are located.

With over 12,000 patients served, Apollo has helped Canadians across the prairies, with patients able to be seen in Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert!

How do I get CBD oil in Saskatchewan?

CBD oil is a cannabis extract which is made using a compound in the cannabis plant known as cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is not psychoactive when it is absorbed through the endocannabinoid system, meaning, that CBD does not produce the ‘high’ or euphoric feeling that is commonly associated with cannabis. The high feeling is believed to be attributed to a different compound found in the cannabis plant known THC. CBD has variety medical and therapeutic properties and is known to treat a wide variety of conditions such as epilepsydepressionanxiety to name a few.

In order to gain access to CBD oil in Saskatchewan, it is recommended that you be prescribed by a physician or qualified healthcare practitioner. This is due to the Licensed Producers reserving a large proportion of their CBD products strictly for medical cannabis patients. Once you have a prescription, you can order your CBD oil, or capsules, directly from your Licensed Producer and have the medication delivered right to your door.

If you are located in Saskatchewan and are looking for CBD oil, schedule an appointment with us today to learn more and gain consistent access to this medicine.

Why choose Apollo Cannabis Clinics?

Award Winning Care 

Apollo is a proud winner of the 2017 Top Clinic, East award at the Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards because of our happy patients, industry-leading research, and our wide range of doctors with different specialties. We also recently won the 2019 Top Choice Awards as ‘Top Medical Cannabis Clinic’ in Canada. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with your prescription, dosing requirements, and medical devices!

Personalized Care & Ongoing Support 

Medical Cannabis is a medicine, and as such, we make sure that you aren’t left to guess what your next steps are, and provide an end-to-end education session. Whether you have a chronic pain issue, or you’re struggling to sleep, Apollo is dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life.

Apollo’s dedicated team of Physicians, Patient Educators, Health Care Practitioners, and knowledgeable administrative staff take pride in making sure you are fully supported in your treatment plan with Medical Cannabis.

Evidence-Based Clinic

Not only is Apollo a medical clinic, but we started as a research clinic, offering some of Canada’s finest Medical Cannabis research, including groundbreaking research into the effects of Medical Cannabis on PTSD sufferers. Apollo has over 10 doctors on staff, experienced in Medical Cannabis treatment and ready to help assess your needs. We have treated patients with many different ailments and conditions, so we have the experience needed to ensure that we’re providing you with the best possible care from the minute you contact Apollo, to your next follow up appointment, and anytime in between.

About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a prairie province, and the only province in Canada that doesn’t have natural borders (such as rivers, mountain ranges, etc.).

Nearly 10% of Saskatchewan is comprised of freshwater lakes and rivers, and because of its geographical makeup, it has some of the widest ranging seasonal temperatures in Canada, including winters reaching -45 degrees and summers recording some of the hottest temperatures ever in Canada.

Saskatchewan’s capital is Regina, but it’s the largest city is Saskatoon, with a population of 250,000. Interestingly, Saskatchewan is the largest exporter of mustard seeds in the entire world, and their oil production is also a major export of the province as well.

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