Are You Self Medicating with Recreational Cannabis?

Apollo Cannabis Clinics’ Self Medicating Program is aimed at helping Canadians who are currently self-medicating with recreational cannabis, gain access to medical advice and medical quality cannabis, directly from through a Health Canada Licensed Producer.

Am I Eligible?

If you are over the age of 19 and have been successfully using cannabis to aid/treat one or more conditions or symptoms, you may be eligible for Apollo’s Self Medicating Program.

Do You Use Cannabis For:

Apollo Makes It Easy

You do not need a referral from your family doctor, and you do not need supporting medical documentation of your condition. You do need previous experience using cannabis in treating your condition.

How Does This Program Work?

If eligible for our Self Medicating Program, Apollo will schedule your appointment to consult with one of Apollo’s qualified physicians. If prescribed medical cannabis, one of Apollo’s educators will then help you register with a Health Canada Licensed Producer that will provide you with medical cannabis suiting both your healthcare and budgetary needs. We will make sure you are provided with as much, or as little support needed, as you navigate the medical cannabis system to choose, order and dose your medical cannabis.

We prescribe to patients living anywhere in Canada and are eager to help you build a personalized treatment plan best for your needs.

To inquire about getting prescribed medical cannabis, call Apollo Cannabis Clinic at 416-840-5991, or email us at

More Information on the Legal Canadian Medical Cannabis System

The only way to obtain medical cannabis in Canada is through a Health Canada Licensed Producer (other than a personal production license). If you acquire cannabis off ‘the street’ or from a dispensary, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary health and legal risks. Studies have found unregulated cannabis to contain harmful levels of yeast and mold, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and aflatoxins. Furthermore, if you are looking for advice on what strains, doses, and routes of administration would be best for your needs, Apollo is here to guide you.

To register with an LP (Licensed Producer), you are required to provide a prescription from a Qualified Canadian Physician. Licensed Producers are highly regulated by Health Canada and abide by strict rules regarding pesticide use, contaminants, growing, testing and selling practices. By purchasing your cannabis from a licensed producer, you can rest assured that the medicine you order and use is safe to use, legal, and of the highest quality.