Cannabis as part of a Migraine treatment plan

Studies have shown vaporizing cannabis allows THC to enter the bloodstream quite rapidly, meaning it may also help alleviate migraine symptoms as quickly as they are noticed.

In May 2015, The American Headache Society conducted a comprehensive review of the clinical use of medical cannabis to treat migraines.

“Supporting literature suggests a role for medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids in several types of headache disorders including migraine and cluster headache.”

Dealing with migraine pain starts before the migraine itself even occurs. Preventative treatment is a large part of pain management and sufferers of migraines attempt to pinpoint and understand their specific triggers to cut down on painful episodes.

Typical Migraine treatment options

In association with preventative measures, prescription medications can be given to help prevent and treat migraines as they develop.

Antidepressants, Antihistamines, Anticonvulsants and Anti-inflammatories are all potentially prescribed, including migraine-specific drugs called triptans.

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