Using medical cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Controlled studies have shown medical marijuana to improve muscle stiffness, body pain, quality of sleep and especially spasticity. Its analgesic affects can also help MS patients with instances of abdominal pain or nausea.

It is important for people with MS to highlight the symptoms that can most benefit from medical cannabis, to include it as part of a complete therapy plan.

“Nationwide, Apollo has hundreds of patients who are successfully using medical cannabis to treat their multiple sclerosis symptoms. Our patients report improvements in their chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and muscle spasms.”

– Dr.Tanny Raz, Apollo’s Director of Medical Business Development

The truth about MS in Canada

Modern science is still working on discovering the exact cause of MS, but research indicates a combination of environmental and genetic risks being at play. MS can occur at any age, being more prevalent in women and affecting them three times as often as men.

It is estimated that 100,000 Canadians are living with MS and that 1,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. It must be noted, however, that the process of getting diagnosed with MS can be slow as doctors wait for evidence to build in the patient.

Apollo has seen countless patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and we look forward to helping you too!

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