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Pax 3 – How to Use and Clean Your Device

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In this video and blog post, we are covering everything you need to know about the Pax 3 vaporizer – an updated version of the Pax 2. There are some main changes from the Pax 2 to the Pax 3 we discuss here, including being able to use cannabis concentrates, a Bluetooth connection, an improved oven, and more. 

If you are interested in purchasing a vaporizer or have questions about your device, you can learn more here about the vaporizers Apollo sells to our patients.

What comes in the Pax 3 kit?

The Pax 3 is a complete kit and is dual use, meaning you can use flower and/or concentrates. It is a small and portable device: 4 inches in height, 1 inch in width, 1 inch in diameter. The oven size can hold about 0.3 grams. 

The device itself comes along with:

  • A magnetic USB charger which the pax just sits on top of (cradle charger) 
  • 2 different mouthpieces – one that is flat and one that is raised
  • 2 interchangeable oven lids – one standard one that comes inside the device originally, and one that has a half packed lid for a smaller batch of flower.
  • A concentrate insert for the oven
  • A keychain tool to pack the oven and remove the mouthpiece. 
  • A maintenance kit that includes pipe cleaners, a wire brush, and oven screens. 

How to use the Pax 3

Make sure your Pax 3 is fully charged before use. You can plug it into your computer or however you regularly charge your phone. When the device is fully charged, all 4 lights on the front will turn white. Once your device is on, you can shake it to check the battery life – each of the 4 lights represents a 25% charge. You can get about 8-10 sessions per charge, and the charging time is about 90 minutes. Once fully charged, for the first time you use it, you will want to turn it on and run it for a minute or more to burn off any dust left inside the machine from the factory. 

To get started, grind your cannabis and place it into the oven chamber at the bottom. With every vaporizer, you want to make sure you grind your cannabis before inserting it into the device’s oven. To use your twist grinder, place a small amount of flower into the grinder, push down to close, and twist the sides. You don’t want to twist too much in case it grinds too finely. You can then pick up your cannabis with a pinch and place it into the oven. You don’t want to pack it too tightly in order to allow airflow to travel through it, and then you simply place the lid back over the bottom to close it. 

Apollo offers our patients grinders for sale if they do not yet have one.

Turning the device on is simple, and can be done by pressing on the button on the mouthpiece. When the lights are purple, the device is heating up. Once the lights are green, it is ready to go. For the temperature, a green light means it is at the lowest at 360°F or 182°C. In order to change the temperature setting, just hold down the mouthpiece for 1-2 seconds and it will go into the temperature setting mode. From here, you can click through the different settings. 

A yellow light is 380°F or 193°C

An orange light is 400°F or 205°C

The highest is a red light which is 420°F or 215°C

When your device is connected to the app, you can actually change the temperature settings. There are some who say for high THC cannabis, you want to use between 390-400°F  (200-205°C) and for a high CBD strain, you want 400-415°F  (205-210°C). 

Once you have selected your temperature, you can go back by holding the mouthpiece down again or shake the device to let it know that you are ready to have it resume preheating. It usually takes about 15-20 seconds to heat once the light turns green again. 

Once green, you will place your lips over the vapor-opening mouthpiece and take gentle “sip-like” draws to draw the vapor from the oven through a sealed, surgical grade, stainless steel airpath. For new users, you will only want to take 1-3 inhales to see how you feel, and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more, if needed. 

The Pax 3 does have an auto shut off. To preserve your cannabis, your device will go into standby mode after 30 seconds when not in use or being held. The device will vibrate and the lights will go blue in standby mode. Once you pick it up again, it will resume heating. If you don’t touch your device for 3 minutes, it will shut off automatically. To shut off your device manually, just click the centre of the mouthpiece once. 

Can I use wax and concentrates?

To use a cannabis concentrate or resin, you open the lid and put the concentrate right into the concentrate attachment, and then place the attachment into the bottom of the device. The concentrate attachment doesn’t go flush against the main device as the two other regular oven attachment pieces do. You can heat up the device as normal. Be careful when removing after use as it will be very hot.
Be sure to use proper concentrates only, as the device is not meant for ingestible oils like the ones mixed with MCT oil or Olive oil, taken with a syringe or softgel. Those can ruin your device. Make sure to contact your educator if you have any questions about product selection that is right for you and your condition(s). 

How do I clean my Pax 3?

It is recommended to clean every few uses and is simple to do. Using the cleaning kit that comes with the devices, you will first want to ensure your vaporizer is cool before you start cleaning it. Once cooled, you can open the oven by removing the cover on the bottom as well as the mouthpiece on the top which pops off. You will see there is a pathway going through the device from the top to the bottom. You will then want to pop out the oven screen, which can be done by taking the wire brush and entering the pathway (hole) through the top, which will pop out the oven screen at the bottom. From here, you will want to take the oven screen and mouthpiece and place them in a cleaning solution such as the ones we carry at Apollo, or another iso-propyl solution to ensure the resin gets removed from the screen and mouthpiece. 

You can also dip one of the pipe cleaners into the cleaning solution as well, and place it down into the airflow pathway, pulling it through a few times to make sure there is no resin left inside. Resin is a dark brown sticky substance that comes naturally from cannabis once it’s heated and can clog up your device. Regularly cleaning your device will ensure the optimal performance you are looking for. Once the mouthpiece is done soaking for a few hours or overnight, you can wipe and rinse them off, and place them back onto the device when they’re dry. You can use the keychain to pop the oven screen back in securely. You are going to want to heat your device fully for about 1 minute to burn off any excess alcohol that may be remaining from the cleaning solution. 

Final Thoughts

The Pax 3 comes with a 10 year warranty when you purchase at Apollo and you will want to contact the manufacturer directly if you do have any issues. If you need any help with your pax 3 device, a cleaning kit, or any accessories, you can contact us at 1-877-560-9195 or at Apollo offers vaporizers and accessories here for purchase to our patients. We are here to help!

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Bodystream has merged into Apollo as of May 1, 2023, and here at Apollo we are looking forward to welcoming all new and existing Bodystream patients for free appointments with a medical cannabis healthcare practitioner.