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Interested in getting your medical marijuana prescription in Winnipeg, but not sure where to start? Apollo is here to help.


If you live in the Winnipeg area and are considering medical cannabis, Apollo is here to help.

Medical Cannabis can be used to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms, and it is recommended to seek proper guidance and regulated products when sourcing medical cannabis best for your individualized needs.

There are many benefits to having your medical cannabis prescription even with the recent legalization of recreational cannabis. Medical patients have access to doctors as well as patient educators who will assist them in creating a personalized treatment plan and dosing schedule.

Additionally, medical cannabis patients have access to cannabis products that are tailored to their specific needs and not generally available to the public for recreational use.

In Manitoba, having your medical cannabis prescription allows patients to consume your medical cannabis in public spaces, as opposed to recreational cannabis which can only be consumed in a private residence. It also allows patients to grow their own medical cannabis if they choose to submit the application, and are approved by Health Canada. This is also a service Apollo can assist with.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Prescription in Winnipeg


Apollo Cannabis is available to help patients obtain medical cannabis treatment in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In order to start the process, all you need to do is contact Apollo by filling out a contact form, to the right.

No referral is needed – you are eligible to contact us directly for an appointment.

During your private & secure video appointment with one of Apollo’s Healthcare Practitioners, you will discuss your need for medical cannabis, what symptoms you may have, and your medical background. If you are currently self-medicating, be prepared to discuss your current cannabis use and whether you feel it is helping you manage your symptoms.

The doctor will work with you to determine daily dosing that will help with your individual requirements. After a prescription is written, you will have the option to work with one of Apollo’s patient educators to further understand how cannabis will assist you with your individualized medical needs, while we help you create a personalized medical cannabis treatment plan.

Why Choose Apollo Cannabis Clinic?


Evidence Based Care: Apollo Cannabis Clinic is an evidence-based clinic that has been conducting observational research on medical cannabis and conditions since 2014. We staff over 10 prescribing health care professionals and assist patients of all ages, including children.

Personalized & Ongoing Support: Apollo Cannabis Clinic provides each patient with a personalized treatment plan and offers a support line that is open 7 days a week, should a patient require assistance.

No Cost / Free Clinic: Apollo Cannabis Clinic is a free service and does not charge their patients for appointments, education sessions or ongoing care. Patient’s do not require a referral to utilize our services regardless of where they are located.

Digital Patient Network: Apollo Cannabis services patients all over Canada through our unique Digital Patient Network (DPN). Patients meet with a Healthcare Practitioner via secure video conference and have access to a patient educator once the prescription has been written.

How Do I Buy Medical Cannabis in Winnipeg?


After receiving a prescription for medical cannabis you must register with one, or several, Licensed Producers of your choice. A Licensed Producer (LP) is a cannabis company who is approved by Health Canada to sell medical cannabis to approved medical cannabis patients.

All orders from LP’s are completed online (or over the phone) and shipped directly to your residence. Products will contain the patient’s name and daily dosage information on all packaging to assist patients in using their medication correctly.

 A valid medical cannabis prescription must be sent to a patient’s LP before a patient is allowed to utilize its services and purchase medical cannabis.

Apollo will help you with LP selection, registering and product selection.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis


One of the biggest differences between medical and recreational cannabis in Winnipeg, is where it can be consumed. The province of Manitoba has made it illegal to smoke or vaporize recreational cannabis, outside of a private residence, whereas medical cannabis may be consumed anywhere a cigarette can be smoked.

This allows medical patients the ability to consume their medical cannabis, where and when, they need to.

Another big difference between medical and recreational cannabis is product availability. LP’s offer a large variety of different products, such as oils, decarboxylated flowers and sprays that recreational retailers may not have in stock. For instance, if you are looking for CBD oil, you will have access to a large variety of options when purchasing from an LP.

Finally, medical patients may apply to grow their own medicine. Apollo Cannabis Clinics also offer a “grow your own” program, for a fee, to assist with the application process.

About Winnipeg


Winnipeg is the largest city in the province of Manitoba and is also the capital city. Winnipeg has a population of around 705,000 people and is located in the southeast corner of the province.

Winnipeg is located at the forks of the Assiniboine and Red River of the North and was named after Lake Winnipeg, which is the Western Cree word for “muddy water”. Winnipeg was a trading centre for aboriginal peoples long before it was settled by Europeans, due to the waterways that made the area easily accessible.

Nowadays, Winnipeg boasts a diverse, multi-cultural population with significant Scottish, German, Ukrainian, Irish, French and Aboriginal communities. The population of Winnipeg also represents 54.9% of the population of Manitoba.

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